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Actor Lubomir Kostelka, the master of small roles, died in 91's age | back home


PRAGUE In the age of 91 died actor Lubomir Kostelka on Wednesday. said. Kostelka had a number of film and stage roles for herself. Although these are smaller tasks, there were hundreds of them. The "Akteursrekorder", or he was sometime worked, worked until the late age. In her career, Kostelka has tried all kinds of genres. The last time he appeared on TV Grandpa Lubin at The Magic School. An actor who has been very sick for the past few months.

In the main film prize, Kostelka appeared in 1969 in & # 39; The Case for Beginning Kata by Director Pavel Juráček, one of the most prominent writers of # 39; e Czechoslovakia New Wave. The theme's movie was Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's book. Kostelkov's letter typical film tech was more of a kind of guard, top of reseptive type.

(1988), Chicken Melancholik (1976) 1999), Babí léto (2001), Devil White Why (2003), Fešák Hubert (1984), Landscape with Furniture (1986), Kačenka and Geese (1992), Trhala fialky dynamitem ) or Babovresky (2013). Kostelka appeared in a number of series, the most famous of four of us, Life at the Chateau or Ranch U Zelené sedmy.

An electrician with an actor

He was born on March 31, 1927 in Přerov. His father worked at the railroad, his mother had held him to the amateur theater. He was two years younger brother, but died before he died before. Originally, he did not want to play, but the theater was interested. In the war Kostelka was trained by electrician and decisive for his further share was the meeting with Vladimír Menšík at the Industrials of Brno. They have become invalid partners for dozens, and legends have transmitted over their pieces into the sector.

Kostelka studied JAMU and in 1953 received her first deployment in Český Těšín. Then he played in the Brno Theater to the Mrštík brothers, and he was arrested in Menjk in Praach, which ordered him to work for Jan Werich, who was at that time the ABC's Wednesday theater. He also lived in Laterna Magic, and # 39; 60s he began to make himself film and television.

In 1999, Kostelka was nominated for the Czech Lion for Best Male Actress in a Supporting Role in Chicken Melancholik.

He was married twice. From the second marriage he had a son, Martin, who was a successful child cardiologist. The last ducks live in a Czech scene in his house in Kamberk, Benešov. His big hobbies bought food.

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