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A famous villa is for sale for a few crowns, announced. The question is whether it is true


Litoměřice / FOTOGALLERY / – The famous vacation under Radobyl and surrounding country is said to be for sale. But the owner can not know anything.

Are you dreaming of a beautiful place with beautiful views on the Saint Bohemian Mountains and the Elbe for twelve hundred? The Veveří Chateau, or the Pafafenhof, popular Fafák, and the adjacent Gaubian court and the surrounding countries for this reasonable price on the port of Bezrualitka. The advertiser has not forgotten to mention that the villa is not protected by the monument and something new can be placed. Also, the pen and the sports or wellness center are recommended.

Reports appeared on a Beervalitky server in August. According to the company that operates the Internet with real estate, no one was recorded. "We will check it out," Nikola Novotna promised from the client's center, saying that ads of their website would not respond to # 39; reality. So, for example, want to sell something that they do not have at all. The reason is that he will come with a phone number.

Advertise Offer Villa 's Pfaffenhof by Bezrealitky.cz

Advertise Offer Villa 's Pfaffenhof by Bezrealitky.cz. Photo: reprofoto

If the advertiser realizes ads' # # The call does not move or not communicate with the company, the portal will block it. On November 21, Bezrealitka, the server, confirmed that the advertiser immediately contacted and he was not even contacted. Even the editor did not re-respond to the message directly to the editor.

The Villa Pffafenhof and the surroundings are located at H-Imo, lying on the Strait of Vinohradská. Franz Josef Rupf, who works as a legal, financial and real estate agent at Rupf Treuhand, is named as his director. In #39 living capital in # 39; on the part of Grisons in the northeast of Switzerland.

Lidové noviny about Rupf had previously written about being behind the Swiss company H-Holding. They donate the money to a non-living controversial bankruptcy, Zdeněk Altner, and in brief received some receipts from & nbsp; e CSSD.

The editor managed to reach Rupf on a fixed telephone line at his home in Igis. He does not think that someone who thinks about "Fafák" and the countries around him every day, and he could not know the ad and responded. "We want to sell something in Tsjekke, but not to donate," he at least offered the offer price of 1200 CZK. "It's also an error or a shame," rugged conclusion.

H-Imo bought Litomeric land from Altner in 2008 and almost immediately stopped the bank for nearly 25 million. According to expertise, this price is higher than the actual value of the abandoned villa than the unused land. Even in the state they were ten years ago. In particular, the state of the home itself is worse. The roof flowed, the floors, the stairs and the ceiling disappeared, and the entry of the villa is dangerous for life. "Fafak" is still trying people, and there is also a dark nazi ephemeral where there are near residents of Richard Factory.


The city Litoměřice, whose cadastre is, tried to deal with Rupf due to the poor condition of the object. In 2012, the office sent it to the established addresses in Switzerland, and the meeting was held May 7, 2013 with the mayor. "We tried to get him to sell home and country, or sell it outside his power," says Václav Härting, head of property, saying that the purchase of the country a serious share of # 39; The person was with the intention of updating there fruithouses. Rupf believes the problem to be promised, but later sold and sold nothing by the urgent need for a city.

The building then built for security reasons at least to establish the villa, the cost of which the city decided to invade Rupf to conquer. The state was also punctured and the city had to repair it.

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