Tuesday , May 30 2023

Trump and the cynical way of politics


This Tuesday is renewed by the House and the Senate in the EE. UU.

On Tuesday, November 6, mid-term elections are held in the United States. The first elections after Trump's 2016 victory. Thus, the results of these mid-term elections want to see whether the elections have opened the election cycle indicated by the forms of populism, aggravated nationalism, xenophobia and paleoconor conservatism, or if the victory of the Real Estate Entrepreneur was an isolated moment.

The half-yearly elections (mid-term elections) are the four-yearly elections to renovate the chambers (seats are voted one-third of the Senate and the whole House of Representatives -435-) and at the same time elect a large part of the local authorities (next Tuesday, . Thus, Americans from local polls renew their democracies with proper controls and balances, as the Senate, the House of Representatives, and state governments share the presidency.

That is why next Tuesday there are more things to test. The first and most obvious is the control of cameras. Presently, Republicans have a majority in the Senate and House, enabling them, for example, to endorse the nomination of conservative judges such as Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and measures such as tax cuts. Read it: Trump ensures that border protection is a key issue in the elections

The vote now suggests that Democrats will improve their situation, but without checking both chambers. There would therefore be no scenario of shared governance (which occurs when the managing director and the legislator are in the hands of different parties), but this may make the vote much more complicated. In this regard, the President's first half-term election is usually interpreted as a vote of confidence or a rejection of his policies. If the Republicans suffer on Tuesday, the result will be interpreted as a punishment for President Trump, his policy and the way he is governed. On the other hand, if the Republicans stay in front of the legislature, citizens will present the path of their party's future, in the direction Trump suggests.

On Tuesday, the current president will get a clear picture of the popular support that he really has and will start calling for a possible re-election strategy. This factor determines the president to play a very active role in the campaign and participate in as many events as possible. His message focused on the economy – which shows solid growth but did not create the miracle Trump promised to reverse the effects of globalization on the middle and lower middle classes of industrial cities. immigration – talking about the migrant caravan and the danger of the border.

For the Republicans a bad result – or ambiguous outcome – leaves doubts about the party's future. When a generation of Republican leaders – the majority of opposition to the president's legislators – has been withdrawn, whatever happens on Tuesday, conservatives may be taken back to Bush or Reagan or to launch an ideological revival of republicanism at the beginning of the twentieth century. Can you moderate repatriation in the party's leadership or sweep it with more radical bases and deputies and adjust Trump's president?

For Democrats, these elections are crucial. They are the moment to show if they can come back and above all how to do this. Since the defeat of Hillary Clinton, the party missed leadership and initiative. He could not paste the blow, and only in Washington, D.C. the Trump administration's common mistakes and bugs. To restore the lost space, Democrats must determine which messages and candidates are likely to lead the White House. Some districts turned to the left, in the line of Sanders and Warren, while a large part of the party tried to move to the center and win voters in the gaps where Republican radicalism was wrongly received. Again, the struggle between the more moderate sectors and the more radical is felt. Democrats seem to be convinced that the future will involve the minority, young people and women's ethnic groups in the short or long term for voters.

As I said, the votes are pointing to the Democratic side, but their credibility is also jeopardized. After the 2016 projections, most of the polls for Hillary Clinton's victory polls did not seem to be a reliable reference. With this background, voters themselves make their prestige self-esteem and continue to be a useful tool for understanding and analyzing American electoral trends and behaviors.

In addition to the local aspects that have been resolved in each election, there are a number of elements of activity that may affect the results of the next Tuesday. Brett Kavanaugh's affirmation process as Associated Judge of the United States Supreme Court. The battle in the Senate Judiciary Committee encouraged conservative voters to take part in these mid-term elections. Previous surveys have shown that if Democrats succeeded in winning more seats for cameras due to the low participation of conservative voters. The virulence of the Kavanaugh reinforcement process, which once seemed to mobilize the vote for Democrats, reactivated Republican voters and had obviously had no effect on the possible transfer of votes to Democrats.

The wandering caravan we talked about, allowing Trump to recover border security and international crime, allows Democrats to insist on the failure of presidential initiatives, the crisis caused by the separation of the family a few years ago.

The murder of eleven members of the Jewish community in the Pittsburgh Synagogue. Negative Trump President's election expectations for two reasons. A firearm incident reappears in public space. Since the massacre of Parkland (Florida), this issue has been on the presidential table, which, despite promising progress and changes, has done nothing. On the other hand, Trump's presidency is associated with frequent ethnic incidents in which, as the leader of the whole nation, has kept the tensions and differences away. This incident is associated with a terrorist who sent bomb packets to or from the Democratic Party's personalities, indicating that current political discourse is fueling extremism and violence.

The killing of Jamal Khashoggi by the agents of the Government of Saudi Arabia. The weakness of the reaction of President Trump within the framework of a moral and ineffective foreign policy refutes the moral discourse against nationalism and the world. We recommend that: Laughter and terror, the electoral weapon in the United States

It is often said that all policies are local (all policies are local), in the sense that we all vote in the most concrete and close concern, but these mid-term elections are the opposite: all policies are national.

What confirms this election cycle beyond the results of Trump's election has opened the bitter, tense and dirty period of American politics. Confrontation and oppression of politics. Despise courtesy and diversity. It is a section of civilization policy if I allow English words. And this way of practicing politics has resulted in this civilization election.

* Historian and internationalist.

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