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You can download the free paid Android app. –


Another week we review the best apps we can download completely free for Android mobile. this time Download free applications Android is generally paid and you can get more out of your smartphone.

Yesterday we Best Free Android Games Not only can you download games of all genres from your mobile, but it's also free to be awake for a certain amount of time and it can be fun.

Free Android app download, Root Inspector Pro

It's not an app for everyone, but it's obviously "frowning" with your app ROM Cooking and alternative, thank you. This app is designed to let you know quickly and easily if you have root access to your smartphone. It also provides detailed information about the brand, boot loader, CPU_AB1, CPU_AB2, monitor, fingerprint, hardware, model, product, series, label, type, user,

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Android, root checker pro download

Soley Camera Pro

The name is all about it, and it's a camera designed to get the best results. Self It is possible with the front camera of our mobile. It's an app that "cleans" the face of incompleteness when you create a self-catering app, so you can get the perfect portrait of one of your favorite apps in Asia with just one click. No ads at this time. It is free.

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Download Selfie Camera Pro

HD Camera Pro

This application is an alternate ego of previous applications for ego. Best photo possible with rear view camera. A camera app that lets you create movies at 1080p Full HD resolution and capture photos at 4K resolution with 3840 × 2160 pixels. An app that integrates a complete image editor to give each picture a unique feel.

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Download HD Camera Pro

Quick Volume Control – Quick Volume Notification

This is undoubtedly one of the most interesting apps you can download this week. Basically Edit all aspects related to phone volume In the phone's notification bar itself, this way we always have the controls in our hands to keep the volume at all times.

Quick Volume Control Download – Quick Volume Notification

Lecture notes

one Notes and memo apps specially designed for studentsBecause it can take all the notes we show through our voices or by hand. This allows you to import notes directly without writing a note.


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