Sunday , December 5 2021

Women resist extreme effort than men, check new study


Women are not likely to men to get health problems by rising training and extreme physical control, researchers report.

"Our findings contain ordinary data that may potentially take into account the effects of extreme physical activity on women." We have shown that with a good preparation and training a lot of & # 39; Negative negative health effects that have been reported earlier, can be prevented. "investigator Robert Gifford of the University of Edinburgh and the Royal Defense Center in Scotland.

In brief study Gifford and his colleagues evaluated the health of the team of & # 39; Ice Girls of Six British Women, before and with their participation in & # 39; the first complete female expedition to prevent Antarctica in 62 days. Researchers evaluate health markers, such as indicators of stress, hormone levels, body and bone body.

The markers of the reproductive function and the power force were not changed, and some markers provided compulsory benefits that have related to the operation in & # 39; physical fitness of women two weeks after the expedition, the study found.

The findings were presented on Sunday at the annual conference of the Society of Endocrinology, Glasgow, Scotland. This type of research should be published until it is published in a journal that is examined by professionals professionals.

Previous studies have determined that the reproductive system and female stress responses are higher for the negative effects of extreme physical activity.

"These findings can have a significant relevance for men and women with severe or stressful jobs, where there is a health care that they can safely impact their health." As far as training and foods are concerned, health can be safeguarded, "he said. Gifford in a press release from Society, according to HealthDay News.

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