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Why should I get a prostate test?


Of the various types of cancer that occur in Colombia, breast cancer is the first cause of goodbye to women for women and it is estimated that 11,000 will be diagnosed by 2020. More than 3,400 fired

Prostate cancer: diagnosis of complex symptoms delay

People's problems are not much different. During the year, 10,962 new cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed and one third of them die. By 2020, 13,715 cases will be diagnosed and it is estimated that there will be 4,150 people saying farewell to the world.

Ninety percent of patients affected in this country are over 60 years old, with the lowest level being concentrated in the male population under 40 years of age. The cities of Antioquia, Valle del Cauca, Risaralda, Atlántico, Qudío and Huila have a population of 70.5-147.6 per 100,000 population, People.

Prostate cancer is the first grouping to be the most common cancer in men in the United States.

So with the support and involvement of patient associations and the public, such as the RASA Foundation, Vital Return, and the Simmon Foundation, Astellas Pharma Colombia launched this month's campaign "The prostate is a priority. Together for the same purpose."

"The numbers surrounding prostate cancer are important and growing, and many people today can suffer illness without knowing it. For this reason, we need to increase awareness of the key to finding disease over time, "Said Andrés López, Access Manager at Astellas Farma Colombia.

This campaign aims to expand invitations to men who are over 40 years old to conduct two tests to detect prostate cancer in a timely manner. Prostate-specific antigen tests and digital rectal tests can detect symptoms or signs over time. Women take care of their husbands, parents, friends or siblings and accompany them in this process

People who want to participate in a campaign can share their thoughts, stories, or send a support message to people suffering from the disease via hashtag # ProstateTuPriority through their social networks. United for the same goal: Save more lives because of early discovery. Evidence that all Colombian people can get great results "together for the same purpose".

Profamilia, dedicated to breast cancer for a month in October, called for women through self-care and education to raise awareness of breast cancer prevention through the "Tocarte es cuidarte" campaign. You need to know what early detection methods will help you diagnose breast cancer and discover or detect possible diseases.

There is no proven method to prevent this disease, but the results of recovery can be very beneficial through early detection and timely treatment.

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