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After the interview, in "Yamid Question", with the ICT Minister, Sylvia Constain,

In Interview in Question Yamid, the ICT Minister Sylvia Constain discussed the project by the government for making a great statute of modernizing ICT.

"The project aims to modernize the technology and information business and see what the evolution of this sector has and the customs sector in Colombia is adaptable to what is global," he said.

As a result, he stated that "the project seeks to connect to many people who do not have this at all times. Any Colombian should have access to the wealth that brings us the connection."

"In the last decade came the television and communications sector. Nowadays, you can see TV programs on your phone and you can see other content that does not appear on a ' TV (…) we put together these two rules and we can have a much more modern sector ".

The minister stated, however, that "what the advertisement is for the first time for guarantee for television and radio programs." In the same manner, the ministry gives a mandate to promote the generation of multiplatform content. "

Constain indicated that "the financing law is not considered as being isolated, it is part of a package. The calculation of the modernization of the ICT sector is also part of the economic rehabilitation package to include more people there will be more jobs and more wealthy. "

"Our use of the ICT sector is to support all other sectors and become more productive (…) this is a disaster that is committed to generating generations that lead to a better community . "

"The office that governs the television and the telecommunications office should be one and this is recognized in the bill (…) the project together with ANTV and the Communications Commission Commission to meet a single regulator.

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