Monday , November 29 2021

Una marca colombiana de trajes de baño hechos a mano busca nuevos mercados


Bogotá, 23 nov (EFE) .- The march of colonies in the baoble shop The debut talks on the most recent collection, "Stardust", is commemorating 35% of the production that exports more than 12 countries in the region, informaron said the sentence of the empress.

"Today's premises are present in more than 12 countries and one of its principal projects in Mexico, including a series of tunes and creations that have been solo with local sophisticated locales and ministries," says Natalia. Botero.

As part of its expansion process, the march has emerged with its culprit in Colombia, which will be in the Medellin and Cartagena, with a penguins in the future "Stardust", with 100% teas and mano.

In the palette of colors of the protagonists of the protagonists, the neutrals with a gall bladder look into the azulas, most of them and ladies that live in silk clays and other aries.

"For those who combine different kinds of artisanal things, involve 17 people in front and back 38 minutes to terminate," explains Botero.

Porque, agrego, entendiendo que las consumidoras del segmento de trajes de baño estiramente y valoros que prendas que las hacen sentir únicas Entreaguas sigue que você quer está en mano.

In any case, Botero concludes that "as one of the most unpleasant moments of this celebration is a piece of art" for the purpose of the country to travel to more countries and to enhance its creations, creó en 2012.

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