Sunday , May 28 2023

Truck driver declares strike nationwide next Friday 23rd November | National


The trucking union was in favor of a new truck driver strike across the country from 6 pm on Friday, November 23.

According to industry leaders, the government has no political will to discuss issues such as high fuel costs, tolls and cargo.

Felipe Muñoz Monroy is the worst moment for the shutdown, but the government says the government is to shut down the engine after urging the government to stop the cargo, according to the Cargo Carrier Coordination Officer. That decision.

"There is no need for money and no way to move forward," he said. "This is a poorly enrolled vehicle that operates in an unfair market and the working conditions of the driver. Leader Felipe Muñoz Monroy said.

Leaders added that the Department of Ports and Traffic has not taken any action to find a solution for the area.

"We are in such a serious situation and are fueling tolls," he said. "Leaders do not seem to understand the socio-economic situation in the transportation sector without the ministers' consultation."

Carriers also require better working conditions. Because the second cause of death is a traffic accident caused by depletion of the driver who is waiting for a long time to load or unload the goods in an inappropriate place.

Given these conditions, Monroy asked the government to evacuate all cases to avoid shutting down carriers that could have serious consequences for the national economy.

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