Tuesday , November 30 2021

Travel without loss and no internet


For a few years, Google Maps has a function that gives you a look download the maps of the region of your preferences to navigate without internet. This allows you to save your data, enable your browser and maps, and stream the action to display the map.

So when you are visiting this holiday you will find that the Internet connection is slow, mobile data is expensive or there is no connection, contain the area you are viewing on your phone or tablet. Applications for Android and iOS devices.

In its web portal Google it clarifies that "in some regions, you can not download maps at the expense of agreed restrictions, language societies, address forms or other reasons."

You can download a whole city or area that you should visit within your destination before trying to find the hotel or home to not use data. Yes, while the mobile device storage is available.

In the application menu, click on unused connections and with your finger you can move the map, tackle or departure from the area to understand it according to your needs.

Note that offline browsing only gives you access to get there By car. You can not use the options public transport, On feet o Car with driver, to be available only for downloaded cards when Internet is available.

It's as simple as running these steps:

1. Open the Google Maps application on your phone or tablet.

2. Check that you have an Internet connection and click on the menu on offline maps.

3. Look for a specific location like Medellín, or a specific place in city or Parque Explora.

4. Here you can download the selected region.

5. You can also search the site you want to try to enter your name in the top three in the upper right corner, and click Download.

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