Saturday , December 4 2021

They revered a woman who used to be a child of low-income people Colombia


In collected evidence was demonstrated that Lozano on women would be practicing prostitution practice to provide their children with those who care for them. With the minority in her power, the woman sought goodwill to ensure that it was for maintenance.

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In order to give Lozano a legitimate view, Lozano was a legal representative of 'Sons of # 39; a Wind Stifting.

"The market has provided citizens and that as an objective to improve the feeding of minors, probably used to make the lunch that will be sold in the restaurant of this woman" , explains Mario Gómez, state representatives for juvenile and adolescent problems.

The officer also suggested that several of the furniture and appliances that were donated were sold to guarantee cash and personal expenses.

The minorities stay in facilities that do not have the minimum health and safety precautions. They also have the ICBF requirements for the care of boys and girls.

The investigations began with the case of the minor who had left the hospital in Santa Clara, in the center of Bogotá. The three-year-old girl was seen by doctors because of her complicated healthcare.

Gomez added that, according to witnesses, "the woman treated the children or the parents could not pay for their care, despite the fact that the figure that the children had received was a non-profit foundation."

Lozano responded to a judge for the crime of human trafficking, the usurpation of functions and the trafficking of narcotics.

At the place was found a Venezuelan woman employed, used for 20 hours a day to work and only 11,000 pesos were paid.

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