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The U17 Women's World Cup opens in Uruguay. Matches and schedules


By: Brahian Kuchman

Posted: 11/12/2018 14:51

The World Cup will start on Tuesday at the campus. This is the first time that a nation has organized a contest at this level.

The sixth World Cup of women's soccer under the 17th will be held in Montevideo, Colonia and Maldonado starting this Tuesday in Uruguay.

The tournament is held every two years since 2008 in New Zealand. The other four were held in Trinidad and Tobago (2010), Azerbaijan (2012), Costa Rica (2014) and the last country of Jordan (2016). The title was achieved by North Korea in 2008 and 2016, Japan (2014), France (2012) and Korea (2010).

After 88 years, Uruguay will host the World Cup. The 17-year-old girl will be the protagonist of the most coveted sport in each category.


The official tournament began this Monday at the Charrúa Stadium, and at the press conference there were representatives of FIFA Women's Football, Sarai Bareman, Fernando Caceres, Sports Minister, Pedro Bordaberry and Commission Normalizadora de la. AUF, Chairman of Rafael Fernández Organizing Committee, Diego Forlán, World Ambassador and FIFA Legend.

After seeing the class between Peñarol and Nacional, Bareman said he was impressed by how Uruguay felt about football, saying: "The stadium (Charrúa) looks nice and people are very friendly and they received us in amazing ways."

Meanwhile, Forlán said, "I am honored that if a soccer fan is going to have a new World Cup and that women's soccer can continue to advance."

Match on the first day (Tuesday, November 13)

The tournament starts on Tuesday at the Domingo Burgueo stadium, Miguel de Maldonado, and the opening match between Brazil and Japan starts at 5 pm.

The second match will be played by Group A at the Charrúa Stadium in Montevideo between New Zealand and Finland, with the B Series returning to campus with Mexico and South Africa.

At the end of the first day at 7 pm, the A group will make their Uruguay debut, which will win the championship against Ghana at the Charrúa Stadium in Montevideo.

Celestial match and schedule

The Uruguayan national team is scheduled to play their second match against New Zealand on the 16th (Korea time) in 19 hours. Meanwhile, on Tuesday 20th, they will be in Group A with Finland in 17 hours. These two promises are also contested in Charrúa.

Teams & Organizations

A total of 16 teams will be divided into four groups, each of which will advance to the first two rounds of each series.

Group A: Uruguay, Ghana, New Zealand, Finland

B: Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, Japan

C: USA, Cameroon, North Korea, Germany

Group D: Korea, Spain, Canada, Colombia


The Charrúa stadium in Montevideo will host 18 matches, including 12 group stages (including the opening day), 2 semi-finals, 2 semi-finals, 3 rd finals and a final match.

Estadio Alberto Suppici of Colonia del Sacramento has 6 matches. (Four in the group stage and two in the quarter-finals) Estadio Domingo Burgueño Miguel de Maldonado has 6 matches, all in the group stage.2

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