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The talent of Cartagena shone on the Luna Awards 2012 | THE UNIVERSAL


Cartagena talent was in the 18 issue of the Luna Awards, held on Tuesday in Barranquilla.

The Luna Awards are the highest annual recognition of the musical talent of Colombia, led by Martin Law, a man who has been dedicated for more than 40 years for radio and television.

This ceremony began in Barranquilla to buy the work of the artist, which strives for the year to hear his music about Colombia and the world. Therefore, Luna Awards have become a platform for each of them.

Magic night

The Marimondas del Barrio Abajo pay their grantees Paragüita, and Alci Acosta and Andrés Cabas receive recognition for their artistic career.

"My choir melody comes today to say goodbye and say that it was up in you when I went to a hike," says Alci Acosta on the platform of Luna Awards, while the audience in & # 39; the rhythm of bolero flows.

The soledeño, who has his 60th year artistic celebration on Tuesday party, contains the hundreds of participants in the Jumbo Lounge from # 39; The Country Club is composed of songs such as My Dear Cantankat, The Broken Cup & # 39; en & lt; Llorarás & # 39 ;.

With help from Jair Niebles, secretary of Soledad's culture, the bolero recognizes a life of artist. Andrés Cabas Barranquillero put the musical scene in the night with an artistic version of # 39; Bonita & nbsp; & nbsp; Ana María & # 39 ;. Tica Martinez, formerly Atlantic, is responsible for the recognition of Cabas for his 18-year artistic career. The gala also has articles such as marines Elvis Crespo and Bonny Cepeda.


The kvrass group takes three prizes in the night, in & nbsp; the fallenata category with her song or the millions arriving; the category of Applaus and the best video mentioned above.

Cartagena Danny Daniel wins the salsa category with his song Goodbye Love.

The president of the genre, as he calls, Mr Black is the price of champeta with his song # 39; Marriage & # 39 ;.

The prince of Barranquilla's Carnival, Checo Acosta, wins the tropical category with its song 'Mosaico de la chula'.

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