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The Sins of Ten Countries in 2018


In four fierce hits, he lived in National in 2018, depriving him of his title and making a decision on his dedication to Copa Águila. He looks for him on the group stage of the Libertadores at Copa Águila in direct elimination prior to 2019.

technician Paulo Otou He appealed to tranquility and was confident that despite the title of the league, he had to make the same change to have a better future. Such changes will soon take advantage of the season, which has a high demand for one year. 10 The moment of destiny.

1. Four engineers in 17 months
After Reinaldo Rueda departed, Juan Manuel Lillo was hired in June 2017 and arrived on the 27th of the month. It lasted only six months. He dropped out of the tournament quarter-finals and retired on December 5th. On December 20th, a man named Jorge Almirón could not attend the convention with great appeal and celebrate a big campaign. He resigned on August 20, 2018.

Hernán Darío Herrera won 18 of the league and cup matches, finished second in the championship and won the championship. He took his place at the pre-Copa Libertadores-2019 stage. Brazilian Paulo Autuori, who played 2-2 against Lioness on 2 November, was eliminated.

2. Relocation of management
Over the past 20 months, Nacional has changed the President three times. Juan Carlos de la Cuesta (starting his seven-year term on March 28, 2017) will be joining Andrés Botero Phillipsbourne, who served as President until February 8, 2018 Elected.

After the replacement, the club appointed Juan David Pérez, a manager with no professional football experience like Botero. Also in the past few months, sports manager Víctor Marulanda has left the country and sent a train to Europe. President Pérez repeated that he was looking for a specialist to fill vacancies left by Marulanda.

3. There is no Superleague title.
The pre-season title at the Florida Cup was a good start to the course of Argentina's Jorge Almirón, but after the work had lost the Superliga title to the millionaire, El Campín, At 0, before the capital, Atanasio Girardot lost 1-2.

At the time Captain Alexis Henríquez was patient with his fans and told Win Sports he understood the inconvenience of losing a millionaires and trophies but we need to understand that we are in a new process, I will be stronger in this defeat and I will make a great season. " Big debt

4. League lost in the final in the 1-2018
Technologist Almirón has maintained Nacional in Liga-1 tables in all league matches over the past 11 days. Soon it surpassed Cali to a quarter to reach the semi-final before Huila. After scoring without a goal, win the cast in the final against a penalty of 4-2. The title disputed before Tolima; In Ibagué he won 0-1 and lost 1-2 at home (and 2-4 at 11 steps). "We should be able to understand and correct the mistakes of winning the championship, and we will be the protagonist in the second semester," said an Argentine strategist earlier this quarter. None of them were accomplished.

5. Removal of Copa Libertadores
Nacional tried to return to a good club in Libertadores in 2017, but in the second round, he struggled against Argentinian Atlético Tucumán and eighth weak "a priori" rivals. This defeated him 2-1 on the world scorecard. In the first stage, he was ranked number 1 in the top ten in Group B and was ranked 7th in Colo Colo and Bolívar, and Ecuador's Delfin. But the early exit was a big frustration for the Argentine project. Recently Lanús won the cup finals, and a campaign close to the title was expected in 2016. nothing

6. Failed Contract
Nacional has hired 15 players this year, and the majority have not done well. Among them were Omar Duarte, Camilo Zuniga, Rafael Delgado, Reinaldo Lenis, Carlos Rivas and Juan P. Ramirez. One of the more prominent names was the recently invested club of Jorman Campuzano, who returned to Helibelton Palacios and Selección, about $ 13 million. 21 players left the green. This is mainly because we do not participate in sports plans. By 2019, fans are asking others to leave due to poor performance. That little success has caused instability.

7. Low performance of target
In some cases, the wound can be a hero in which players can play at high levels. Daniel Bocanegra, Felipe Aguilar, Alexis Henríquez, and Vladimir Hernández were missing in important part of the year.

Another important loss of green by injury was the young and efficient central Carlos Cuesta's.

In addition to this medical controversy, there were intermittent performances by players such as Aldo Leao Ramírez and Dayro Moreno. Although he was the team 's top scorer, he was not saved by the fans' criticism. His irregularities and failures in decisive games were the reason.

8. Discipline and departure in Dayo
The theme of Deiro Moreno seemed to be that he did not accept the mistake of a player in Chicle Tolima (rude action) due to the fact that Jorge Alimron was the team's top scorer. 10 goals in the current tournament). Rumors talked about the inconvenience between some players and the discussion in the dressing room and training sessions. The situation was revealed on the 14th day of Riga Águila-2 against Cali in Athanasio. Jeison Lucumí and Dayro fought in a court that ended in the first expulsion. After a day, Dayro was accredited and Lucumí had minor penalties.

9. Making hasty decisions
Before Almirón departed, the directors temporarily appointed Hernán Darío Herrera to recover the injured team's performance. The title of the Águila Cup has been reached with some movement of the payroll. He was instrumental in enhancing emotions by including psychologist Luis Alfonso Sosa. "The players needed affection and had to renew their confidence after experiencing too many inconveniences," Sosa confessed. Some of the fans said that the arrival of Autuori was premature. It was important for Herrera to make important decisions with successes and mistakes and at least finish the tournament by winning the management.

10. And humiliating removal, lid
With a 52% performance at home, the Pursuit Team emits important points for less weighty rivals. He was defeated by Tolima and Bucaramanga 1-2, 2-3, and was not linked to Patriotas, Equidad, Millonarios and 1-1. In this way, he was given 15 points at Atanasio to achieve classification. On the last day, when the need to win, he was surprised by Colero and went down to B, Leones, and he hurried to draw 2-2. 30 points did not reach him and he remained.

Twelve categories have been continuously reduced.

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