Monday , November 29 2021

The president of COC considers the nuisance of MinDeporte, or its headquarters Cali


Baltazar Medina, president of the Colombian Olympic Committee, warned of the accidents that, in his opinion, the operation of the Ministry of Sports, in Cali's city, would have, in & nbsp; Bill for their creation, currently under the procedure, in the Congress of the Republic.

The leader says, from Lausanne, Switzerland, there he participated in the conclusion of the MEMOS Course, the International Olympic Committee, which "decided to headquarters of the Ministry of Sports to # 39; to give the city of Cali, would bring a series of accidents to the effect of 'National Sports System ".

Medina added that "outside the administrative and logistical problems, in the service for users of the system, generate costs for the various territorial entities and agents of the System, in their task of editing or managing their needs , as the Ministry It Works in Cali. "

Baltazar Medina concluded that his position "not as interpretation of the city and the people of Kali", which deserves all recognition and respect. Simply, this decision would be against what should be a ministar, or a service entity. "

The maximum leader of Columbian sports goes to the sensation of # the parliamentary parties to take the best decisions in this transcendental matter: "I hope the House of Representatives is aware of the decision of the Senate for the good of our sport".

Ultimately, Baltazar Medina says that "if the Ministry of Sports has been conducive to its transfer to Cali, then I would expect to continue with the administration based on Bogotá."

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