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The fans of Cali now seemed to think the job was done by Juan Sebastián Quintero.


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November 12, 2018 – 12:10
Writer :

Writing El Pais

Juan Sebastián Quintero, Deportivo Carly defender was killed by fans who shot him on his car in the Alfaguara area this Sunday night.

The news was confirmed by Diego Quintero, the father of the player who told El País that his son was miraculously saved.

"We had dinner and a phone call from a friend telling us what happened when we were waiting." When Juan was with his younger brother, the car was shot, La Sijín found the situation, To do this, they said that they had saved themselves miraculously. Football can not reach this extremity. "Said Valle del Cauca, the father of central defender.

Kintaro has recently signed Deportivo Cali in a recent league match and has had positive results.

Reading: Gerardo Pelusso ceased to be a Deportivo Cali coach.

However, the team failed to compete in the second qualifying round, which further exacerbated the more radical green and white fan sector mentality.

El País learned that two players, Nicolás Benedetti and Jeison Angulo, were being threatened.

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