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The effect of cyanide on body – Health – Life

Cyanation is an extremely toxic substance and can be killed within minutes in low doses. In this way, toxicologist Ubier Gómez summarizes the effects his ingestion can have on the body.

Gomez explains that cyanide is mostly sold in solid form and that the lethal dose is 3 milligrams per kilogram. However, when dissolved in water forming hydrogen cyanide It increases toxicity by a factor of 10 and requires only 0.3 milligrams per kilogram to severely impair a person's health.

Miguel Tolosa, a toxicologist at the University Children's Hospital in San José, says the destructive effect of cyanide on the body is to block enzymes that can use oxygen in cells. In other words, it irreversibly blocks the respiratory chain of all cells., The most sensitive to low oxygen, such as neurons, can die within minutes in a fatal result.

Since Gómez can not use oxygen in the arteries, blood is delivered to the veins, oxygen, and manifests itself as a result of man's breathing difficulties, palpitations, nausea or vomiting, excitement, loss of consciousness and death. Depends on minutes, dose or route.

The physician's point of influence depends on the amount of substance exposed to people, regions and routes. When ingested orally, gastric acid binds with hydrochloric acid to form hydrogen cyanide, which is highly diffuse in the systemic circulation. The most serious is that it is inhaled in the form of water vapor because it directly affects respiratory function.

The two experts agree that the likelihood of medical care depends on the speed with which the expert's help is required. According to Gómez, when you arrive at the hospital within 15 minutes, there is the possibility of saving the patient's life with antidote and vasodilator.

But, In most cases, death occurs painfully. Doctors say before arriving at the hospital in a few days.

Cyanide is used for gold treatment and points out that it is easily accessible from the chemical store.


The most obvious is to avoid contact with this material group. However, before any accident by cyanide occurs, You can go to the hospital.. Time is important. Do not add water to this material as it may evaporate and become more poisonous.


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