Sunday , October 17 2021

The arguments of Gustavo Petro have detected the video that Paloma Valencia discovered


Gustavo Petro called the video that was published by Senator Paloma Valencia of the democratic center, where Colombian senator Humana received several bundles of money.

"That's what he says (the video), the architect Simón Vélez is a Colombian flag architect and he wanted to learn the money, which is where the audio is located. And because it was in the # 39 box, he used it, he did not make financial transactions, but because of his mentality, he made the loan in cash # 39; said Petro.

He also insisted that the loan that the architect had made 14 years ago 20 million pesos.

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The former Mayor of Bogotá came to Valencia, step by step, saying that it is rare that they learn so much chances that they take it and that it is with the same man from # 39 It's a hollow machine, or whether it's Diosdado's money, or will Odebrecht be for the Santos campaign, or what will it be? "

Petro says that "Valencia says that this is Odebrecht's money if I mention the Odebrecht in 2010, trying to say they are in May and no, that was 14 years ago , the video itself says, and attempts to intensify Venezuela's resources, but nothing has to do with the person giving the sources, that's Simón Vélez with Venezuela. "

It is worthwhile to note that the publication of the video, while Gustavo Petro was concerned with various spin-offs of money, was made in a discussion at the Attorney General's General Néstor Humberto Martínez Congress on the Odebrecht corruption scandal.

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