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Television: why did Andrea Guerrero receive the RCN president?


Instagram Andrea Guerrero – Canal RCN

By Publimetro Colombia

Wednesday, November 28, 2018, at 13:43

Instagram Andrea Guerrero – Canal RCN

That's what a Colombian newspaper says. Why was Andrea Guerrero the RCN president?

Many were told this year about the crisis that the channel goes through.

The changes he has made have also been commented.

At the beginning of the year, José Roberto Arango took the presidential seat of the canal, but did not last long because he came a few months ago.

According to a note that was in the last issue of the TVYNovelas magazine, the sports printer was one of the & # 39; The reasons that led to no longer be said. But why?

Why was Andrea Guerrero the RCN president?

"Paulo Laserna came to the general direction of the RCN channel, following the departure of economist José Roberto Arango, known as" Mago "for his ability to save companies from bankruptcy, but the channel did not last long "said the publication.

He added that "And it is said that his resignation was the case that he could not create some RCN areas, or change part of the new team, which included" journalist Andrea Guerrero's expiry date. "

Until both parties have confirmed the information or refused.


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