Saturday , May 28 2022

Television: "Betty in New York" the new millennia novel


A new bilingual version of popular telenovela & # 39; They soy Betty, the feather under the title & # 39; Betty in New York was presented by Telemundo in Miami, Florida.

"I am very excited to participate in a production that claims to be Latin as alive and speaking in the United States," Mexican actor Aaron Díaz told Efe, along with his composer Erick Elias star in & # 39; the new production.

"It's a version for 'millennials', where' the message is that you must be authentic," added Elias, that's the central character Don Armando plays, that's # Betty was appointed secretary and dropped into her love.

New version presents "I'm Betty, the man" New Yorker

"Betty in New York," the version for the Latin brand, has its action in the city of Skyscrapers.

SIt is transmitted in the United States in early 2019.

The cast also has the Argentine actor Saúl Lizazo, Mexican Héctor Suárez, and Puerto Rican Jeimy Osorio.

And the Venezuelan Sabrina Seara, all under the executive production of the artist Miguel Varoni.

The big surprise, known as the presentation is known, the actress plays Betty, who has her name: Elifer Torres.

According to Marcos Santana, president of Telemundo International, to ask, has nearly 300 young people with different levels of experience.

Santana added that in the script they have more than a year and a lot of work with the support of Fernando Gaitán, writer of the original TV series

Sabrina Seara says that the adjustment of the script to today's times includes the recruitment of female characters around ' to reflect modern Latin woman.

NBC Telemundo president César Conde stated that "Betty in New York" was the first production that was recorded at the Telemundo Center, the new building that opened these chains this year in Miami.


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