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Taxes and violence at work increase the risk of cardiovascular disease THE UNIVERSAL


People who have been besieged or violated in work # 39; The work is at a higher risk of heart bleeding problems and the brain, such as heart attacks and ostriches, according to a prospective study that analyzes this link, published in & quot; European Heart Journal & # 39 ;.

Although the study is observation and can therefore not see that bullying or violence in the workplace causes cardiovascular problems, except that there is a union, the researchers say that their results are solid and have significant consequences for employers. and national governments.

The director of study, Tianwei Xu, PhD student at & # 39; the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, pointed out: "If there is a causal link between bullying or violence and cardiovascular disease, enhancing smoothing of workplace places would mean that we can evolve 5 percent of cardiovascular cases and Violence of violence on more than 3 percent of all cases. "

The researchers surveyed 79,201 men and women data in Denmark and Sweden, between 18 and 65 years, without cardiovascular disease history (CVD), participating in three studies that began Between 1995 and 2011. The participants have followed since then

While they were in studies, participants were asked about occupation and violence in the workplace and how often they experienced them. Information on the number of cases of blood vessels and heart disease and death was received from national registers.

Xu and colleagues also identified other factors that influenced whether or not participants were affected by cardiovascular disease (CVD), such as body (BMI), alcohol, smoking, mental illness and other pre-existing health, skinning and occupation.

9 percent of participants called on them to work and 13 percent of the violence or threat of work in the past year. After adjusting the data of age, sex, country of birth, family status and education level, the researchers found that those who were involved in violence or violence (in death threats) in & # 39; 39; Their work had a risk of 59 and 25 percent of CVD, respectively, compared to people who are not involved in bullying or violence.

The more intimidation or violence suffered, the greater the risk of CVD. In comparison with people who do not learn bullying, people who have been reported to have reported that they are regularly circumvented (in almost every day), in the last 12 months a 120 percent Increased chance of CVD, while those who were more used to violence in the workplace, had a 36 percent higher risk of cerebrovascular disease (like a stroke) than those who are not great . However, there seems to be no matching growth of power.

"Workplace intimidation and violence in the workplace are different social scanners at work, with only 10-14 percent of people who at least learn something at least another time." These stressful events are related to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease in the form of so-called answer, in other words, the greater the exposure to bullying or violence, the greater the risk of cardiovascular disease, Xu explains.

And he remains: "From this study we can not conclude that there is a causal relationship between the workplace with bullying or violence at the workplace and cardiovascular disease, but we determine ancestral evidence for the support of a heterosexual relationship, especially The plausible biological pathways in the major stress-related urban and cardiovascular diseases are supported by the dose response trend and the robustness of the results of various sensitivity analyzes experimental studies on violence and occupation schools would be extremely ugly, and therefore makes our study the best evidence of this association. "

The increase in blood pressure could be withdrawn

"The effect of bullying and violence in the incidence of cardiovascular disease in general population is comparable to other risk factors such as diabetes and alcohol, the importance of occupation in the workplace and the Violence in the workplace in relation to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, "he adds.

"It's important to get involved in workplace violence and violence in the workplace, as they are important stressors for illuminated people, and it's also important to have policies to go in if there is a Much or violence. " .

Researchers are currently investigating what behavioral and biological mechanisms can contribute to the raising of CVD risk in people who are incompetent or incompetent in ' learn the best conditions. These experts believe that high blood pressure is likely to be involved, as it is known that intense stress can increase blood pressure.

In addition, exploitation of bullying and violence can lead to unrest and depression, the other, on the other, can lead to overwhelming and excessive alcohol use. Changes that are caused by special metabolism can also be involved.

Other interesting findings of the study are the fact that bullying in work is mainly due to college & s (79 percent) instead of people outside the organization (21 percent), whilst violence or threat of violence occurred mainly by people outside the organization (91 percent), or from within (9 percent).

This, combined with the fact that people most likely to incur violence in the workplace, were no longer likely to suffer from heart disease, that workers can get a training on how to do it with the violence that they have as a result have their jobs and can be better off to tell them and to avoid the long-term effects.

The study's limitations include the fact that intimidation and violence in the 39's The work areas are only measured one by one; that the research has been done in Scandinavian countries where the concepts of intimidation and violence are well established in the workplace, which means that care should be considered to be extrapolated to the results of other countries and cultures; and that some information, such as the consumption of smokeless tobacco (such as the use of snus), personalities, genetic factors and other spanners (such as radiator), are not available.

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