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Soat will be in digital format since 2019


Noviembre 27, 2018 – 05:27 p.m.


Redaction of El País

As of 1 January 2019, the Segment Obligation Officer, Soat, is expedient and an excellent format that has been reproduced in the securities market.

The Ministry of Transport, the Transport Direction and Transportation of the National Police, Ditra, and the Federation of Colombian Aseguradas, Fasecolda, announces that the conductors will be able to portulate their handsets in electronic form in their cellular mobile device or imprint in cualquier papel.

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The electrical device of Soat is a document with characteristics of proprietary propagation of these types of formats, with elements that guarantee the authenticity, integrity, inability and reliability. It was taken over by the astrologers to the tomatoes of the segment by the PDF of the electrónico electrode.

The electric form factor is expedient with the electronic company of the correspondent correspondents and incorporates a QR code that contains information about the vehicle and the vehicle's status and the status of the vehicle registration dates in the Runt National Register of Trends .

¿How to confirm the authenticity of the site?

1. And, from the web site of Runt with the vehicle driver and the proprietary personal identification number, 24 hours a day off the compilation of the site.

2. Downloading the free mobile phone application Soat Virtual has traced the features of iOS and Android applications and scanned the QR code from the electronic device. Solo requires the Internet connection to download and update the application in a few minutes.

3. At there are several other ways to read the QR code and to make sure that the encrypted data are the correspondents in the post.

There is a difference that the obligation of ownership of the vehicle's carrier to the Soat vigilance, which is imprinted on the electric field. Debe is in full swing, the contrary, is to locate a large number of 30 minimal salaries and automobile engagement, if this is not the case now.

If you have the right to use a security checker, then it is necessary to make a request for the ceremony and to have a portrait of the venerable property, with the renovation in the new form.

The Electrical Soap is a very important thing for the assemblies to allow it to smash the fraud and combat the evasion. Además, for the Institutes of Service Salads (IPS) is the most effective way to identify the identity of the prestigious attendees in the person affected by an accidental accident.

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