Tuesday , January 25 2022

Miss Universe, Peace and Politics: Gabriela Tapour does not avoid the subject.


On the first day of Miss Colombia, Gabriela Tafur Náder not only avoids the tough questions about her fate in Miss Universe, but also gets the crown of national beauty contests (12 championships) Cali, who overcame the valley beyond the Atlantic in the race, also spoke about politics and even sent a message of "resistance" to mobilized students for a country that requires more resources for education.

Gabriela Tafur, a lawyer who came to Cartagena as a great person and began to believe in a story that could become a ruler in his comment on his nanny, made it clear that he respects the decision of the National Beauty Contest, Dream of knowing whether to participate.

"I do not think about it yet, it is very early," he laughed. He said repeatedly that his promise is now to increase the name of the country.

"My work in Miss Colombia is beyond international conventions, so my work in Miss Colombia is related to my social will, so I dream of representing the country internationally through the contest." Miss Universe will be her participation next year When asked what this time was, she asked about 'limbo'.

If a former Colombian legal counsel confessed that she was a solid peacekeeper and had the opportunity to speak with President Iván Duque, she asked not to give up.

"I am happy because my grandfather was kidnapped by the FARC and was personally a victim, because I am finally seeing the regret that we have," said Colombia, "because Colombia was the victim of the violence caused by the armed conflict in which our country lived. "Said a 23 – year – old lawyer.

Other hobbies

In addition to attracting attention to safe and powerful responses that can affect jurors, the new Miss Colombia is a music lover, practicing piano and violin from the age of four.

He has joined the college volleyball team since he was 18 years old.

The challenge of Gabriela Tafur to Miss Colombia is great. Not only could she be the first sovereign of this contest that did not participate in the Miss Universe, but she was also under the shadow of the other queen, Valley, so this year Colombia Miss Colombia, her countryside, Valeria Morales, also participated I did. The year of Miss Universe has already been confirmed.

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