Sunday , December 5 2021

Medellin publications have been authorized to hold an external loan for a maximum of $ 750 million


Resolution 4225 of 2018 before the Ministry of Finance and Public Loan Empowerment Papers (EPM) an external requirement of up to 750 million dollars.

Of 215 million US $ funds used to finance the 2014-2012 investment plan ($ 2022) and $ 535 million are used for general business purposes other than investment.

The loan was signed with HSBC Bank USA N.A (US $ 650 million) and HSBC México S.A. Multiple Banking Institution, Grupo Financiero HSBC (US $ 100 million), with a term of three years of signing, a six-month LIBOR rule plus 2.75% in & # 39; For a year and a 30-month period, remove the date of signing the contract.

The decision implies that the responsibility of EPM is to make a strong success of & # 39; to maintain the quotas by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit and the national planning department and to ensure that this obligation will not be transferred.

However, it should be in the first ten calendar days of # 39; a month following the month in which it is reported, the information about the balance and motion of the & # 39; the operation until the total payments of debt.

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