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Mario Segale, the Italian who named Nintendo the most famous plumber


In 1981, Mario Segale entered Nintendo's North American headquarters and demanded that he pay rent for his own buildings and unconsciously establish himself in the history of popular culture.

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Mario Bros, a mythical plumber of video games, gets shaved and viral in IMAGE.

Mexico City, November 11 (TICbeat / SinEmbargo) .- The ultimate history of video games Steven L. Kent Journalist is a famous book on the history of video games. The story was first reported in that article. I went into the headline this week. Mario, The popular character of Nintendo He was better known to American children than Mickey Mouse in 1991, and he was named "Jumpman" and received his name and his background in Italy.

It is 1981. Nintendo's North American subsidiary suffers financial problems, but Minoru Arakawa received a phone call from his father-in-law. (Hiroshi Yamauchi, Nintendo) To let you know that the new game is ready (Donkey Kong) Will make this company the most popular gaming site in the United States. On the other hand, however, American Nintendo He has to deal with the debt. After that time, Arakawa insists that the owner of the rental building and their headquarters are using it, and they agree to postpone the payment until the headquarters starts the game. The owner's name was Mario Segale, who inspired the carpenter's star to change. Donkey Kong (The plumber's job change was later.)

The sad thing about this story is Segale 's recent death at the age of 84. But who really Mario Segalle? Was he a plumber? Is he from Italy? Or emphasized by its dense mustache? Well, he was actually the son of an Italian immigrant, but nothing more. Far from being a plumber, he was a well-known and influential real estate developer in Washington state. And there is no evidence that he has a mustache.

It is known. Segalle It has nothing to do with the history of video game specials (on the other hand, links that have never been officially recognized). Nintendo). There were two reasons for his rejection. There was no seriousness that gave birth to such a great businessman, and there was an abuse that produced the most obvious stereotypes about Italog american. He spoke only once about his digital name in the interview. Seattle TimesThen he is jokingly awaiting a "check on image rights".

Mario Segale died at the age of 84. Photo: Twitter, Nintenderos

* Technically speaking, the second. In 1993, eight years before Kent's book published, David Sheff told a similar story in his book Game Over. However, Sheff incorrectly posted Mario's last name as "Segali" Segalle I arrived at the Nintendo headquarters when the workers chose the names of the characters and when they left they cried "Super Mario!" When they saw each other. But Super Mario It is a game that has not been released to the market until after four years.

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