Thursday , October 6 2022

Live Quindío vs Pereira – BetPlay League



Quindío: Luis Estacio (Jefferson Sánchez 4 ‘); Jesus Figueroa, Brayan Ceballos, Yilmar Filigrana, Roy Castillo (Wilson Spain 86 ‘); Leyser Chaverra, Jackson Montaño, Didier Pino, Mauricio Cortés (Carlos Sosa 46 ‘), Miguel Carabalí (Yani Quintero 46’); Darío Rodríguez (Diego Rodríguez 81 ‘).
Coach: Óscar Héctor Quintabani.

Pereira: Harlen Castillo; Jherson Mosquera, Diego Peralta, Carlos Ramírez, Cristian Flórez; Jhonny Vásquez (Gilberto García 66 ‘), Maicol Medina, Wilfrido De La Rosa, Henry Rojas (Rafael Navarro 81’), Brayan Castrillón (Ever Valencia 81 ‘); José Adolfo Valencia (Brayan León 66 ‘).
Coach: Alexis Márquez.

Goals: 0-1 Min 1 Carlos Ramírez; 1-1 Mn 10 Roy Castillo; 1-2 Min 44 Jhonny Vasquez; 2-2 Min 50 Carlos Sosa; 2-3 Min 89 Brayan Leon.

Admonished: Miguel Carabalí (Quindío), Yani Quintero (Quindío), Brayan Ceballos (Quindío).
Sent out: Brayan León (Pereira).

Important moments:

1 ‘Gol de Pereira! The corner kick from Rojas and Ramírez went without a hitch, but the keeper made the save.

Quindío replied. The center of Chaverra and the header of Figueroa, but the ball went very close to the right post of Castillo.

10 & # 39; Quindío goal! After a short tussle with the defender, Roy Castillo finally tucked the ball home.

14 & # 39; He was looking for Quindío. The center of Cortés and the cross shot of Filigrana, but the ball went slightly different.

17 & # 39; Quindío’s second goal almost arrived! Great finish by Roy Castillo after receiving a great pass from the right sideline, he brought it down and banged it home past the keeper ‘s keeper.

25 & # 39; Quindío tried it again. Ramírez took a rebound inside the area and finished, pro Castillo responded with a great save.

44 ‘Gol de Pereira! Shooting from the middle distance by Vásquez, the ball bent into a rival and missed the goalkeeper.

50 & # 39; Quindío goal! The goalkeeper wanted to prevent the ball from going to the corner kick, but when he was looking for a pass to a teammate, Sosa took the ball and took a sweep from the middle to make it 2-2.

89 ‘Goal of Pereira! León took advantage as he curled the equalizing goal into the top corner, just out of the reach of the keeper.

Game development:

Pereira defeated Quindío 2-3 in a live match from start to finish, corresponding to date 13 of the BetPlay League.

‘Cuyabros’ and ‘matecañas’ played in an exciting game. The teams went for the halftime break at 1 – 0. Carlos Ramírez struck a 30 meter free kick home 21 minutes into the match.

Immediately the local responded and at minute 10 he condemned equality via Roy Castillo. At that, Óscar Héctor Quintabani was noted down for a hat trick! Pereira was given a chance to change things around.

In the second half, the ‘cuabros’ quickly equalized with a goal from the recently introduced Carlos Sosa and a while later they were close to the third goal, but the referee did not consider a possible foul on Darío Rodríguez as a penalty.

When everything seemed to be going well in the match, Brayan León were given a gift! Leyser Chaverra scored from the penalty spot.

With this result, Quindío continues with 17 points and on date 14 he will visit Pasto, while Pereira will add 21 units and Once Caldas will receive.

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