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Colombian reggae player in total 8 candidates J Cabin A favorite on Gala 19 of goods will arrive Latin Grammy – Also known as Latin Grammy.

Interpreters of "Mi gente" and "Ginza" are Spanish artists RosalíaDavid Aguilar, Jorge Drexler, Kany Garcia, Natalia Lafourcade, producer Mauricio Rengifo, and Andrés Torres each have four nominations.

This year's album Pablo Alborán will compete with "Prometo," the mainstream. J Balvin's "Vibras"; "Caravanas" by Chico Buarque; "Lifeguard ice" by Jorge Drexler; El David Aguilar's "El siguiente"; And & quot; Soy Sauce & quot ;, Kany García.

In that category Latin Grammy 2018 They include Natalia Lafourcade's "Los Macorinos, Vol.2" Tribute to Latin American Folklore "Luis Miguel's" Mexico Forever "; "Encanto tropical", Monsieur Periné; As Rozalén's "When the River Rays".

These are named for everyone Latin Grammy Main categories:

Record of the year:
It will not be – Pablo Alban
E Fake (Homem Barato) – Anadi
My People – Balvin with Willie Williams
International – Stereo Pump
Telecommunication – Jorge Drexler
Forever – Kani Garcia
X-Nicky Jam & J Brovin
Nationia Lafourcade with Los Macorinos
Dancing with you – Monsieur Periné
Badly – Rosalía

Album of the Year
I Promise – Pablo Alborán
Vibras- J Balvin
Caravan – Chico Buarque
Ranger of Ice – Jorge Drexler
Next – David Aguilar
Me – Kani Garcia
Musas (Tribute to the Latin American folk in the hands of Macorinos) Vol 2- Natalalia Lafourcade
Forever Mexico! – Luis Miguel
Tropical charm – Monsieur Perine
When the river rings – Rozalén

Song of the Year – Award (s) to the composer
Before You – Manú Jalil and Mon Laferte, composer (Mon Laferte)
Dance with you – Perine, composer (Perine)
Dances by Gardenias – David Aguilar Dorantes and Natalia Lafourcade, composer (Natalia Lafourcade of Los Macorinos)
Embrujo – David Aguilar, composer (The David Aguilar)
Violet door – Rozalén, composer (Rozalén)
Bad – Antón Alvarez Alfaro, Pablo Diaz-Reixa and Rosalía, composer (Rosalía)
Forever – Kany García, Composer (Kany García)
Robarte Beso – Mauricio Rengifo, Andrés Torres, Carlos Vives and Sebastián Yatra, composers (Carlos Vives and Sebastian Yatra)
Telecommunication – Jorge Drexler, Composer (Jorge Drexler)
Your Life My Life – Fito Páez, Composer (Phit Paez)

Best New Artist
Angela Aguilar
David Aguilar
Alex Ferreira
Carol G
Petit Pelas
Nana Mendoza
Christian Nodes
Claudia Frieto
Benjamin Walker

Best Simultaneous Pop Vocal Album
Ser – Axel
Fire and freedom road – Pablo Lopez
Body and Soul – Beatriz Luengo
F.A.M.E. – Malouma
Looks – Nana Mendoza

Better fusion / urban interpretation
My People – Beyoncé with Willy William and J Balvin
International – Stereo Pump
Yo Contra – Dad with the Puerto Rican Symphony Orchestra Yankee
Sua Cara – Major Laser with Anitta and Pabllo Vittar
Badly – Rosalía

Best Alternative Music Album
Claroscura – Velor
Puñal – Dante Spinetta
Arará Force – Telmary
Same place, different place – Vetusta Morla

Best Mexican Area Song – Award (s) to songwriter
Arranquense Muchachos – Domingo Leiva Delgado, composer (Pedro Fernández)
Help me to forget you – Gabriel Flores and Yoel Henríquez composer (La Explosiva Banda De Maza)
Corrido De Juanito – Eden Muñoz, composer (Caliber 50)
American Dream – Salvador Urtada, The Northern Energy
Perhaps – Christian Nodal, composer (Christian Nodal)

Brazil's most popular music album
Mano Que Zuera – Joan Bosco
Caravan – Chico Buarque
Edu, Dory E Marcos – Edu Robo, Dory Keim, Marcos Valle
Campos Newtrace – Vitor Ramil
Deus É Mulher – Elza Soares

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album
Prometheus – Pablo Albany
Good Time – Mojito Lite
Nude best love – Calla Morrison
Make yourself feel – Laura Pausini
Happiness – Nahuel Pennisi

Best City Music Album
Vibras – J Balvin
Without fear – ChocQuibTown
Coastal city – Coastal city
Odyssey – Ozuna
Lebron – ToteKing

Best City Song
Downtown – Anitta, J Balvin, Justin Quiles and Alejandro Ramírez
Dura – Daddy Yankee, Urbani Mota Cedeño, Juan G. Rivera Vazquez, Luis Jorge Romero
My Bed – René David Cano, Andy Clay, Karol G, Antonnio Rayo and Omar Sabino
Sensuality – J Balvin, Bad Bunny, Juan M. Frias, Luian Malave, Royce, Edgar Semper and Xavier Semper
X – J. Valvin, Nicky Jam, Juan Diego Medina Velez

Best Rock Album
Expectation – Bunbury
F-A-C-I-L – Richard Coleman
Comprehensive O 'Konor – he killed an electric police officer.
Now you know everything – Los Pixel
Alarm sound – NoTeVaGustar

Best Pop / Rock Album
Meeting – Bambi
Cosmovisions – Commissioner Pantera
Good blood – she buy too cargo.
Lightning Shape – Manolo García
Pensacola Radio – Lucas & The Woods

Best rock song
Now I Imagine – Santiago Motorizado
The Age of the Future – Richard Coleman
Right Attitude – Enrique Bunbury
Phone – Leiva
My life – Fito Páez

Best salsa album
The town's Cantor-Alexander Abreu and Havana D 'Primera,
Dad – My People – Charlie Aponte
Sound Maker – Chiquito Team Band
25/7 – Víctor Manuelle
Dancer's Corner – Fit Pemberton

Best Singer – Composer Album
Ice Life Saver – Jorge Drexler
Next – David Aguilar
Me – Kani Garcia
Composer – Claudia Prieto
2:00 AM – Raquel Sofia

You can view the full list on the GRAMMY LATINO 2018 website.

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