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Las fechas no se mueven


Junior fracas and his intent to modify the weakness of the party against Medellín in the final of the league Águila II. The División Mayor del Fútbol Colombiano (Dimayor) confirms that at the time that the calendar is considered as stipulated, in the case of international compromises that will lead to the mediocre of the red ribbon in a supreme state of Santa Fe and to the final of the Copa Sudamericana.

Seeing a country in the heart of the Dimayor and Bogotá with the deported Rojiblanco, Héctor Fabio Báez; the presidential candidate of the Dim, Michael Gil Gómez; and the President of the Department of Professional Studies, the Jorge Enrique Vélez antique, has been publishing pieces of tales for the title. The first choice is to live in the middle of December 2, from 6p.m., to the Metropolitan Roberto Meléndez. The second will be 8 am on 9th December at the Atanasio Girardot, the Medellin, in the horizon.

"The deadline for the two countries is to finalize the final of the Coptic Libertadores and Coptic Sudamericans, for now, compromise on the Medellin City Council on 8th of December 9," explains Dimayor su comunicado oficial.

Junior, who lives in Báez, intends to persuade the Presidents of the Dimensions of the necessity of a cabin cabin in the final of the final Continental, Man and the 'Metro', and including a cage Santa Fe was defeated, because of the fact that the first league choir was the best-selling recipient. The car club will propose that the final rounds of the final 8th of December 16th will be finalized to the final international exam. If no consent has been imposed on the capital, demanding that the local government's decree of local competence is a dispute between 5 and 8 December. Las dos propuestas fueron rechazadas.

The final of the South American Copa is played on 5th December 12th.

"Medellín expone que no quiero a un competenza 15 días actividad, es la posición de ellos, la nosotros está esclarecida por la cantidad de viajes, la cantidad de los días que los días entre partido y partido . El jueves jugamos y terminamos casi a las 11 de noche, los jugadores después de un partido difícilmente se doarmen, vamos tenem solamente nave del viernes y el sábado para jugar el domingo, y nos tocó en el mes de abril jugar contra Nacional Alianza Lima, who has been in semifinal and final, is a distinguishing feature, "explains Báez in Blu-ray diary.

"Jugamos donde sea"

Julio Comesaña considers that the decision of the Dimayor "is a perjudicant of the colonial football and international level", but the pessimism of the lions and the queues.

"Nosotros pensamos que de pronto había alguna posibilidad de mover algunas fechas, pero no hay ningún problema, nosotros estamos para jugar, vamos y jugamos donde sea", dijo Comesaña con convicción.

Meanwhile, Junior Junior Junior's staff member is Santa Fe and a semi-final semifinal of the South Sudanese Copa. Después, in the end, to the final of the continental torch, analyzing the echoes of the other jugadores of the plant in the final of the League to mitigate the degenerate descent.

"It is the use of the old team in the light of the moment, they are now thrown into Santa Fe, due to the fact that the parties will come to the conclusions and the status quo. At that time there are those who preach alguna, but they have a plant in which the jugadores of jugadores can be found in many different ways, jugglers that can be supplemented with others, in other words, there are no recurring features of similar characteristics. There are many similarities that alter the cosmos in the structure, but the jugadores that are the contributors to ", the timing of the timelines.

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