Tuesday , November 30 2021

La mamá de Gustavo Cerati used the story of 'Té para tres' Mira the video!


This November 25, November 10, Chile and Argentina, traveled on the Canal Nativity and the Fox application.

From this time it will be cleared out of the capacities of this documental, which will show seguidos and times a year.

Además, the gracias of controversy with Javiera Mena as a leader, one of Cerati's declarations, from the seminary in Buenos Aires, interviewed with the majority of the Argentinean national anthem.

Bios: Gustavo Cerati is part of a biological biographical report of Natgeo, which is part of the semanas dedicated to Latin America Charlie, Charly García.

Su madre, Lillian Clarke, contingent at National Geographic in the past two decades, has succeeded in promoting the reconciliation of the musical theme.

Clarke's testimonies come to Lisa and Benito Cerati, Shakira, Charly Alberti and Zeta Bosio, among others, in the BIOS real-world: see how marching your home on the 25th of November at 9:00 am. by National Geographic.

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