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Julieta Venegas is a documentary about Charly García To talk about – Movies and TV – Culture


Julieta Venegas found her fellow Charly García in the bar when the song "Los dinosaurios" was played.

"It was like an appearance (…) I can not believe it, so I asked who was singing in the bar." Singer and songwriter were excited.

The impact on Latin America's rock and pop criteria is crucial.

She was a member of the band called Tijuana No! Between the rhythm of "ska" and punk and was looking for a way to start writing her own songs and the lyrics of the engine for her new adventure in the music of Charly Garcia .

"I studied a bit more and liked the tape recording on El Chopo, then my friends brought me records from Buenos Aires and saw him at the concert, It was magical to be close to him, "recalls the Mexican singer. NatGeo's Bios record: Life with yours beginning with the story of Charly García, This Sunday (November 11), 10 pm at night.

This program is not a typical biography of a famous musician who is bothersome and talented among the controversial and talented people, but will try to reveal the conspiracy of two people who delivered their music, emphasizing the friendly record of Garcia and Venegas. Records and reputation exhaustion days.

In addition to a record of two generations of contacts from different musical borders, they have created an exposed portrait of the society in which they lived. Julieta proves the easiest stage of digestion, romanticism and joyful sound in a healthy change with certain features that are youthful and ungainly.

Of course, I came to fight against death, but in contrast to the main character of swimming, who has always stolen attention and applause in his artworks. "I started to read and watch his interview and for a long time I listened to my other projects for a long time and learned how my artistic process changed and played as a composer." Julieta Venegas, speaking on the phone with EL TIEMPO, Reported almost a close friend on the TV screen.

After approaching Garly Garcia, are all things impossible or difficult to be true?

All of these qualifiers are very limited, and rather they can be opinions about everything else, not about Charly. I think people who do not know others can say that it is difficult, difficult, and disputable. In my opinion, if you do not know someone, it is very easy to describe it. I am not talking only for him.

So how do you define this artist within the framework provided by this documentary?

I knew very little about his personal life. I always got an idea from his music. Sitting with him is something beautiful (…). It is not easy to label him, and his relationship with him is very special because he is not interested in judging anything.

What did they talk about without giving much clue?

Of course things like music (…). I clash with the idea that music is slavery anyway.

And Charly Garcia, how did you advise it?

"The music is very jealous, I had to tell … (…) I was not going on a tour anymore and I was looking for a small space, but now I have the opportunity to do this on NatGeo.

You need to relax …

It is important to have a rest that you need to know and do other things. But I do not know if I can do it as normal.

Did they talk about the power of fame for so long in the public view of their followers?

No, I think he talked more about other artists, about his respect, and about my fanatical traits about his work.

But do you think he likes to be identified?

Being a fan is a lot easier than many people are admired.

I played the piano when I was 4 years old.

Carlos Alberto García Moreno was born on October 23, 1951 in Buenos Aires (Argentina). Everyone calls him Charles Garcia. Musician, entertainer and rock producer. It is considered an icon of that music genre in Latin America. He has a long career as a soloist and architect of a band such as Sui Géneris, Serú Girán, La Máquina de Hacer Pájaros. His career is defined in 47 official records recorded over 48 years. Even if you are standing at the top (falls in the swimming pool is famous in the hotel), it seems to be on a calm stage without experiencing tiredness at the pool at the age of 67. 4 years), and the sound of rock that continues with perfumes, perfumes, and revolution.

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