Monday , November 29 2021

Intime pictures of famous actress can come to light


One famous actress Televisa is "in hands" of her ex-partner Sentimental He threatens the audience to create a few images where it comes no clothes. The young woman gives the case in the hands of # e authorities.

According to reports in various news portal, is the Mexican actress, his name is Ilinthya Manzanilla, witness before the PGJ is an ex-partner Colombia trying to control it.

Ilithya Manzanilla showed that a former Colombian homeland threatened to "destroy" her by sending compromising photos to various magazines if he did not return the surprise ring he gave them according to them.

After the threat Manzanilla complained to the Attorney General of Mexico City, and a research paper was already opened.

It is speculated that Ilithya Manzanilla is a pair of actor Julián Gil, with whom he credits in television's telenovela "Por amar ley" year, second season.

Manzanilla, who has been involved in soap operas, such as "Cuando me enamoro", "Porque el amor manda" and "Corona de laágimas", hitherto, He has no answers about the evening.

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