Tuesday , June 6 2023

Hidroituango does not pay for the acceleration plan


Hydro power station owner Hidroituango S.A. The board said it has not signed or approved the additional costs of a contract signed with EPM and does not recognize acceleration plans since 2014.

Through the statement, the company "failed to sign the legal agreement between EPM and Hidroituango S.A full acceleration plan failed, including that Hidroituango does not recognize a success premium of 70,000,000 pesos."

Also, EPM's decision to "pay the contractor on its own budget" is a decision.

The text says that at the last meeting of the board, Antioquia governor Luis Pérez asked for all information on the success of the Acceleration Plan.

Review minutes of Hidroituango S.A. The construction company EPM has already started the Acceleration Plan at 151 and 152 minutes in 2015 without the approval of the HIDroituango Board and it has been recorded that the acceleration plan has already been initiated by EPM, including the third failed tunnel. Danger.

"EPM has requested the Hidroituango S.A. Board of Directors to approve all costs of the Accelerated Plan since 26 November 2015. The Board did not approve in accordance with Acts 157 of 2015.

Finally, on December 30, 2015, EPM approved the accelerated planning costs as part of the project investment in the Hidroituango Board and requested an additional total of 440,000,000 pesos. Accelerating the costs associated with planning EPM claimed the sum of 370 million; With 70,000,000,000 builders a success bonus.

As explained, this expense has already been used long ago.

On December 30, 2015, Hidroituango's virtual board of directors approved the following: "Project on investment cost of Hidroituango to manager of Hidroituango prior to framed contract validation on risk matrix of BOOMT contract …"

At the most recent board meeting, Hidroituango's manager reaffirmed that the additional costs of the EPM project were not signed or approved.

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