Tuesday , June 22 2021

Free fire If there will be a double charge of diamonds

Free Fire remains today the most popular Battle Royale today, developed by Garena who constantly makes updates that keep survivors on the lookout for news and cosmetic repairs.

To get the skins, cosmetics, weapons and many things in the game, they can be obtained with gold, but not everything can be obtained in this way. The currency of the game is the diamonds and these can be obtained little by little in the game or bought directly with means of payment.

Diamonds can be obtained by buying directly with various means of payment, inside the game or outside. Inside the game there are a few offers when buying diamonds as opposed to buying outside the game, via the official redesigned page pagotore.

Pagostore is the Official top page of Garena for some of the game regions, may be reloaded with different means of payment. The advantage of doing so through this page is that you will normally receive a diamond bonus for every purchase.

At the moment there is every now and then on the same page gore page, and promoted by garena, a double re-event, where you get the same extra amount completely free for the purchase of one of the diamond packs, that is a 2×1 of the package.

Generally, this promotion appears once every update, and the recent Free Fire OB27 update was 1 week ago, so there is a possibility that the 2×1, double diamond will reappear in the coming days.

There is no prior announcement for these promotions, they only appear on the page and are then published on the same official Free Fire networks, so we only need to be vigilant when this promotion returns.

New character Maro

According to his biography in the game, Maro is a falconer who enjoys bow hunting. It also has a passive capacity known as Falcon Fervor, The basic level of this skill improves variable damage up to 5%. It also helps players increase the damage dealt to marked enemies by 1%.

The maximum level of Falcon Fervor (level 6) increases variable damage by 25%, while damage dealt with marked opponents increases by 3.5 percent. There is a good chance that Maro will be released in the “Shop” section, where her price will be more than 499 diamonds or more.

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Author: Jose ‘Pepeao’ Lozada

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