Tuesday , June 6 2023

France will invest $ 200 million in Colombia to export more to France:


President Iván Duque Márquez has asked French entrepreneurs to invest in Colombia on Monday. Because it is a country of trust, it has institutional stability and economic policy. "This is where you can trust."

"We have to export more to France, you have invested more than $ 200 million in Colombia, but we need to increase that investment," the president said in a speech before leaders of the French economy.

After finishing the second day of his visit to France on Tuesday, the prime minister said: "French companies that invested in my country have created more than 120,000 direct jobs in Colombia, and perhaps more than a thousand indirect jobs over 80.

He pointed out that such a fact is "a great signal of conviction and desire to help us do good and do good in my country."

"The intent is to convert Colombia to a high-income country, which means you can raise your per capita income to more than $ 15,000," he said.

That would need to grow by more than 4 percent in the next 20 years, he added.

He thought it was important to improve fiscal policy. Because "if there is a sound fiscal policy there is an investment cycle".

Unofficial opposition

He also noted that debt reduction, increased government revenues, and the challenge of unofficiality, one of the most difficult situations in the region.

Latin America is very informal and stresses that SMEs should be able to create more jobs and pay more to reduce them.

In the order of the ideas, the president explained the reform that the government "will focus more on the idea of ​​cutting down some of the additional taxes, making more investment and turning this investment into employment".

He described the purpose of the administration as working in "intellectual capital, education, coverage, and a balanced curriculum."

"We need to improve technical education and skills, work with formal education in secondary education and improve the quality of college education," he said.

He also mentioned the opening of new opportunities for public-private partnerships and private sector investments in "Terminal Infrastructure Projects" in Urabá, an important Pacific coast, as well as navigational possibilities. Of our main rivers. "

Finally, on the executive's interest in technology development, artificial intelligence and robotics, the president said, "We will make very attractive decisions that will have 0% income tax for five years." A company that engages in that kind of project and creates a minimum number of jobs. "

Great development potential

After meeting with President Duke and French businessmen, Gaultier Mignot, the ambassador of the country in Colombia, talked with journalists about the country's economic potential.

"We think Colombia has great potential for development," he said. "I think Colombia can see better while other countries are having difficulties."

"There is a great deal of interest in this new government that this new president wants to do," he said. The image of Colombia in France has also changed. "He explained that the stereotypes in his country about Colombia were overcome.

Since arriving in Colombia, he has been "attracted to the interest of all small and medium-sized businesses that can expand their business in Colombia, enter Colombia, or return to Colombia.

He felt it important to have years of vision to know what companies and investors are "waiting for."

"I was very interested in Colombia and I had to pick out the most important things," said the Ambassador in relation to Duque's business with French business leaders.

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