Friday , March 5 2021

Find out how you can ensure the financial well-being of our workers in 2021


In the era of the coronavirus, we realized, and it seemed like we had forgotten, that health is the most important thing. Worries, anxieties and pain for our own suffering and that of our loved ones have caused an increase in anxiety in terms of physical and mental integrity and this trend has also transmitted to companies that are increasingly concerned about health. Health of their workers.

Before we mentioned physical and mental health, but there is a kind of health that has not been said much so far; is about financial health, It’s just as important to be physically and emotionally healthy as it is financially. And it is that despite saying ‘money does not bring happiness’ that is true the economic aspect can cause great anxiety and ultimately affect the aforementioned physical and mental well-being of people, For this reason, caring for the financial health of people, of workers, has become a priority in companies worldwide.

Based on this need and trend at work level, Acquisition en RRHHDigital organize the webinar ‘Financial health, the major concern of 2021: how to ensure the economic well-being of our workers’ where the keys are given to financial health and how you can take care of employees at the economic level. In addition, the new ways to access the money that workers earn, such as wages on demand or in real time, will also play a leading role in the digital meeting.

To talk about financial health we will have Fernando Cabello-Astolfi, co-founder and CEO of Devengo, a company for collection solutions for companies and workers. Who better than to give them a global vision of what companies and employees require at the level of financial health and access to salary. In addition, we will have experts on human resources of the statue of Ana Romeo, HR Director of Cigna Espaa, Santiago Manzanero, HR Director of Casual Brands Group (company group that includes Taco Bell) and Carmen Mez Carvajal, HR consultant and founder of the company Seacoach,

The webinar will take place next Thursday, January 28 from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. and you can sign up by doing so click on aqu,

Sign up for the webinar ‘Financial health, the great concern of 2021: how to ensure the economic well-being of our workers’

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