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Exmánager says that Juan Gabriel is living with home audio.


In the home audio, Juan Gabriel says:
In the audio process, Juan Gabriel said, "Do not be afraid and never leave." Foto Prensa Libre (AFP)

There have been rumors that Alberto Aguilera, known as Juan Gabriel, is alive throughout the world in the last few days. Recently a former manager, Joaquín Muñoz, presented the audience with an unusual audio that the singer had spent an hour ago before a recent press conference.

The purpose of the meeting with the media was to create a second book by Muñoz, "Juan Gabriel and Death".

This book is a collection of emails and messages that Muñoz supposedly exchanged with singer-songwriter since his death was announced. The aim is to reveal the strategy Divo wants to return to Alberto Aguilera Valadez as Juan Gabriel.

Joaquín Muñoz
Joaquín Muñoz wrote a book entitled "Juan Gabriel and I death". Free Press Photo: Taken on Facebook.

During the event, I have the opportunity to spread audio to the participants.

I heard the singer's voice in this recording. "Josephn. I hope that tonight, with much love and respect in your book presentation, will keep my hope as long as possible."

He also translates some verses from the song "Tú qué opinas". "Do not be afraid.If I have more days to love you I will not leave you.More and more,

May I have him alive?

More statements shine. Muñoz worked with the singer for four years and said, "I still testify that he is his only and trustworthy friend and will be recreated on the press next December 15. I return to the scenario.

He also said that on July 8 this year he is visiting with him. Juan Gabriel is currently suffering from symptoms of diabetic foot.

This situation reveals by the microscope that Ivan Aguilera, son of the singer, did not collect the royalties or testament. It is stated that the death certificate may be false because the body requires the original death certificate to perform the autopsy procedure.

Ricardo González Gutiérrez, Cepillín was a good friend of Juan Gabriel and I think Divo was not dead. Free Press Photos: taken on facebook.
Ricardo González Gutiérrez, Cepillín was a good friend of Juan Gabriel and I think Divo was not dead. Free Press Photos: taken on facebook.

He said he thought Juan Gabriel was alive on a Mexican radio station. His argument is based on the fact that this type of death requires an autopsy and various legal procedures, and in this case everything was immediate. I never saw the body publicly, the place where the forensic doctors attending the body were not known, and there was no tribute to the Mexican author and composer association.

You do not play with death.

Though rumors thrill a group of singers followers. They also think that it could be a tale because they said the same thing to other saints like Jenny Rivera and Pedro Infante.

It is very close to Anathan Briss, a young man's friend and singer. "I admire Joaquín Muñoz a lot, but I have always been invented to be alive to a big idol, Juan Gabriel, who is already in heaven, and I consider this sentence to be the voice of a full-fledged imitator."

On the other hand, in his online program, Mexico comunicólogo Jorge Carvajal contacted him through watsap and Juan Gabriel talked about what place he was in the past two years and under what conditions he returned. , It will come on the next December 15, the light.

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