Tuesday , March 2 2021

Epa Colombia confesses that her mother wanted to abort her

‘Epa Colombia’ does not stop giving something to talk about on social networks. Last week, she said she was undergoing a painful procedure to remove some freckles from her skin, and now some stories go viral in which the now businesswoman talks about a few issues related to her private life.

First, Daneidy Barrera, as the creator of content for social networks, actually called, she confessed that her mother wanted to abduct her. According to the account he created, her mother did not want to have any more children and so she considered the idea of ​​terminating her pregnancy.

However, ‘Epa Colombia’ spoke with a good sense of humor about this situation and made a little joke about it. ‘My mother wanted to have an abortion because she did not want any more children. I was born prematurely, I was born purple and look … then, you are never going to give birth to a child, because suddenly it can come out that way, entrepreneur“, Assured the young woman with a laugh.

Immediately afterwards, a friend of hers who recorded it asked her one of the questions her followers often asked: “where does she get so much money”. About, Barrera pointed out that everything comes from his entrepreneurship with keratins, contrary to what many of his opponents think.

‘I sell myself a thousand servings of keratin a day. People ask me if I get money laundering money, cu #% give, and when you start doing business and you’re doing well, people will always criticize you and tell you that you’re doing dirty things, ‘reflected the’ influencer ‘, who has nearly two million followers on Instagram.

Finally, ‘Epa Colombia’ decided to send advice to all those people who want to improve their living conditions and proudly assure them that they are focused on their work and do not waste time fooling themselves.

“Continue, because people on social networks do a life when they do not have. Do not live what they will say. As long as your humility is never lost and you help the whole world, the rest is worth shit, friend. Now I work, I do not waste any more time to become“, He concluded.

These were the videos the young woman posted about the abortion her mother evaluated and her success in selling keratins:

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