Tuesday , October 26 2021

En Nariño has registered 255 casualties of HIV


The case with the Department of State of Salud de Nariño, Idsn, is based on this date of registering 255 cases of HIV infection, with a total of 14.1. En Pasto, la cifra llega a los 95.

The professional specialty of the sexual dimension, sexual and reproductive rights of the people, Carmen Eugenia Quiñones, explains why Nariño as a whole is the center and intensifying labor for busy and identifying casinos.

"La meta se llama '90, 90, 90' which signifies that the 90% of the person who has HIV is identical, the 90% signifies that the person is a person, and the 90's for the references to all There are no identifiable information and no troubles. O sea, its viral cargo, when it comes to detection, "indicates.

It is one of the most common HIV testing agencies. By 2016 you have consolidated 233 casinos, for a total of 13.2; In 2017, there are 277 casinos, for a total of 15.5, and finally it will be one year (up to 45 weeks), preceded by a date of 255 casinos, with a total of 14.1.

If so, the fact is the supreme death of 277, that is the fact that the 1st of December, when it comes to the day of the war against the United States, identifies new casinos in the world in which there are more than all the municipio de Nariño.

"The book that hassles consensus to the trial of volunteers, who volunteered for all the people, was entitled to receive a prime factor from the ries, among them: Do you have sex relationships with alcoholism or any other social network? ¿Conoces el pasado sexual de tu pareja? ¿How to use preservatives and all your sexual orientations? ¿Haz sufrido de violencia sexual? and have sex with a sexual transfusion infection? ", resalt.

Lanzan campaña

At the age of the Secretariat of Pasta Salmon launched the Cuida VIA camp, as a strategy to disrupt the death of HIV in the pandemic.

"It is a promise that the acceleration of the services of the people in the promotion and salvation of the people, with the result of a cohesion in the field of education, the education, the labor and the people, promotes sexual desires and reproductions, disintegrates the estrangement and discriminating against the infection, among others, "explains.

Precisely on week 44 of 2018, they reported a total of 95 HIV positive casinos. In the last half of the year before, the total number of casinos was 85.

"The death of HIV has been a 6-year casualty, and in the first 4 years," he said.

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