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Dofnono, president of the river, was sent to Angelica, his counterpart in Boca


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November 28, 2018 – 09:52.


Writing from El País

Rodolfo D · onofrio, president of the river, has a lot to feel the novel in which the second leg of Copa Libertadores finalized between his team and Boca Juniors.

"I can not believe that Daniens has no respect for the president of Conmebol, for me and for the river then we have signed a paper in 24 hours, he said they can play and spent at night writing the points Asking him to miss his word, "said the Argentine director.

What happened last Saturday, when some rivals fans attack Boca's bus, he made it clear that "it was clear that there was a mistake by the security of people, but who died the river is a invention, they want to play, it's a terrible thing they want to leave the points, it's an absurdity … "

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Dave immediately went to Angelici: "Come, let's play the game, do not listen to those who do not say you do this, no matter what else, you do not invent more of lawyers who do not Do not always work, and play, we're not that good, they can cross us. "

"You must have values ​​in life, enough of this paper, the world sees us," he said.

The River Plate Manager decided that the game was played by a monumental river, although the Conmebol decided to play outside Argentina. "Let the world see that we can not kill a few violent people," he said.

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