Wednesday , October 27 2021

Conflicts are presented at the University of Bogotá


In & # 39; The night of Wednesday are neighbors of # 39; the zone warns divisions in the setting. According to the authorities, the Esmad is present in place.

For nine in the night of this Wednesday, November 28, there were turbulences in # 39; e National University of Bogota. With pumps and stones, subject of the interior of theThey have a confrontation with a uniform of Esmad.

Some users in & # 39; t Social networks reported the storm and they were featured on the entrance of the University at Calle 26.

With the facts, the National Union of Higher Education Students (Unees) They proclaimed her total violence with alluring actions Advanced by the caper in the National University. Moreover, they have called for an appeal to make these behaviors The realization of the National Emergency Student Meeting in Danger, which was scheduled between November 29 and December 1, within the same institution.

Wat ensures the Unees is that a camp site of the university Students coming to Bogota come from other parts of the country. "We call on those who carry out such acts for wisdom and public debate in the framework of" current situation, for the benefit of education as fundamental and common, "said the student club in a statement.

Despite the events that took place today, the District He marks the good behavior in the day of & # 39; the protests. "Today there were no major changes in the public order, the administration asked the organizers of mobilizations to keep the match in previous meetings on routes and places so that no major injuries in & # 39; 39;

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