Friday , March 5 2021

Colombian footballers did not record a video that spoke ill of Win Sports

Thousands of people have shared a fake video since last week in which, presumably, Colombian footballers complain that Win Sports is counting on watching some national football matches via the so-called premium channel.

The images they manipulated correspond to a video published by the Colombian Association of Professional Footballers (Acolfutpro), in which One player from each team in the Colombian league invites the fans not to expel, in order to avoid a possible cancellation of the tournament. The athletes out there emphasized how important it is for them and the fans that the matches continue as they are programmed.

Unscrupulous people, however, edited these images and added voices to them with phrases against the media that own the television rights of national football. Some of them were:

  • “We want to tell Win Sports that this is not the time, not to load football.”
  • “They don’t have to charge anywhere, squeeze.”
  • “Be generous to the people who can not come to see us in the stadiums.”
  • “Sirs of Win, we trust your great behavior, come up with another idea to line your pockets.”
  • “For now, we want them to broadcast the generous games and stop thinking about money.”

This manipulated content has been widely distributed in recent days and on various platforms. The images circulated on Twitter, Facebook and even WhatsApp.

It should be noted that the premium Colombian football channel costs 23,900 pesos per month and broadcasts exclusively five of the nine games on any BetPlay League date.

Following, the real video that some Colombian players recorded for the health crisis that the country is experiencing this week:

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