Monday , November 29 2021

Colombia joined South Korea and set off from U-17 World Cup | ELESPECTADOR.COM


The national team has added two points in three games and was based on the event held in Uruguay.

This Wednesday is the selection of Colombia close 1-1 with its comparable South Korea and was executed World U-17 feminine that is found in Uruguay. The national team, the Asians looking for a qualification for the next round, had a decent match, without starting a goal. Mi Jin Cho In the 13 minute, out of the penalty box, almost the goalie was almost a game Michel Valentina Lugo.

The passing by Didier Luna diminishes from throwing, letting her linen and starting to manage # a bullet, despite a good definition in & quot; target of & quot; the service. In fact, they had different clear options, but the goalie Su-Jung Kim was always good and did not stop.

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And then everything indicated that the Colombian team defeated his participation, Gisela Robledo (the same in equality with Spain), scored the benefits of one of the # 39; The few deficiencies of Korea have taken and a left-hand draw made the 1 -1 in the reset time.

The definitive balance for Colombia was two characters and one drop, two goals in favor and five against a difference of -3. Use the group D forwarded Spain and Canada.

Meanwhile, one of the & # 39; news of & # 39; the day of Brazil's recognition, favorite of the title, in the third box of group B behind Japan and Mexico while the local team also ends with an unity in an area in Ghana and New Zealand for preventing.

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