Sunday , December 5 2021

Can you go? A great one of South and its cuts by Julio Comesaña


Despite a bright nowadays in # 39 Junior of Barranquilla, Here he has to make two important finals (Liga Águila and Copa Libertadores), has a romance about the coach of 'Tiburón' in recent hours.

If it was known, there is one possibility that Julio Comesaña leave the technical direction of the club. The Uruguayan judge is one of the candidates to strengthen it Columbus of Santa Fe in Argentina, sending these days to be directed by a interim engineer after departure from Argentina Eduardo Domínguez.

In that sense, the club would make the necessary contacts to test its capabilities and see if the strategist can be fought by his results with the Colombian team, and also assess the experience of their teams like Guaraní, Danube, South America and Racing in Uruguay, Spanish Union in Chile and Deportivo Cuenca in Ecuador.

As for the Colombian soccer player, Comesaña directed Medellin, Cali, Santa Fe, Tolima, Real Cartagena, Pereira, Patriots, and eight different steps for the Barranquilla Junior.

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