Friday , March 5 2021

Ben Affleck reaffirms that he is no longer interested in action movies

It was recently revealed that Ben Affleck’s relationship with Ana de Armas ended after a year of apparent stability. We know the actor does not have it easy, combined with the pain caused by the divorce with Jennifer Garner, is his alcoholism problem with which he has struggled, but regardless of opposition, now it seems that Affleck has in mind to continue his career put in papers that you do not feel you have wasted your time on.

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After being a hunk, Ben was chosen by Zack Snyder to play an old Batman in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice – 27%, role repeated in Justice League – 41% and where he had to return in The Batman, the solo film of the DC Comics superhero. At that point, the actor would write and direct The BatmanBut he went through a bad time and his alcoholism got worse, so he decided to leave the film in the hands of another director; Matt Reeves, who took his place, wanted to restart the character.

In early 2019, Affleck announced on television that he would no longer be Batman, news that was lamented by fans; however, more than a year later it was announced that he would return to play Batman once more in Flashpoint, directed by Andy Muschietti. Are you or are you not interested in blockbusters? That seems to have been answered in a new episode of the series Actors upon actors, fan Variation, where he said (via The playlist):

At this point in my career I am a little older. I’m 48 years old, so I do not know how long I will be the man who is not 25 years old. But there are more interesting roles. The people you can relate to are more interesting to me because I no longer have the ability to do anything when I’m half bored and I hate it. I just can not do it. My kids are not worth it to be away. If I’m going to travel, there might be something really satisfying that I think you’ll see at some point, hopefully. Even though my kids now say ‘Dad, we do not want to see your movies’.

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As he said recently in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that Batman play was primarily a gift for his children, his statement to Variation can be interpreted as further confirmation that he no longer has any interest in directing and starring in a Batman movie, because the words “I no longer have the ability to do anything when I’m half bored and I hate it” reflect the mood He said he had about superhero movies last year.

We know it will be in Flashpoint, but because its role will not lead, it is possible that for that reason it does not cause much conflict. He could even appear longer as Bruce Wayne than Batman, and that would make the film process much easier. There have been many rumors about a possible adaptation of his script for The Batman in series format for HBO Max, but it seems unlikely.

Finally, Affleck realized how rewarding it was for him to die in The Way Back – 92%, a dramatic film for which it was praised and which had a large streaming audience during the pandemic. He also recalled one of the most popular films he started playing in his career, Armageddon – 39%:

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There was a captive audience of people suddenly at home, and I think more people were watching [The Way Back] of those who had gone to the movie, I think you should venture that. So now the line is blurred and I’m just looking for things that are personally rewarding. I think my Armageddon days are behind us.

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