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Aterciopelados are present in the Bolivar Plaza and Bogota – Music and Libraries – Cultura


Andrea Echeverri ya with the Grammy in the movie. Literalmente. The integral fundraising of the Rock Award Fields, along with Héctor Buitrago, has been celebrating the 19th anniversary celebration session, which will be held on Las Vegas, with a painstaking painting that emulates a gramophone.

"We have a grammy of this year, with the Oye-Recapitula Buitrago and Charlie with this diary- It's good to have it reconciled with a musical tragedy that has been used for the creativity and authenticity".

Asteriologists are tragic for the work of one of the premiers in this aspect of the night, the great alternative to music alternatives from their work Claroscura, its first production of unlimited production in a row (Río fue la última, en 2008).

And sometimes, as you experiment with their projects like soloists -hector con contector and Andrea con Ruiseñora-; It is ready to go to the Rock Festival in Parque in 2014, and the movie is contrasted with Sony Music and the music of its album Reluciente, refinante et aterciopelado (2016).

"Mientras estuvimos por jaila del ruedo, estallaron las redes sociales y se empezó mucha lo de streaming. The radical industry's music industry. Así que cuando volvimos tuvimos que empezar un adaptar", Recuerda Buitrago
There is a breakthrough between the three decades of the day and the possibility of abduction of different generation of segments. "It's a good guy who has escaped from many Aries, but now we're all good at 20 years of age who have not seen us. Duramos diez años sin hacer música ", expone el cantante y compositor bogotano, exmiembro de La Pestilencia.

El dúo dinámico

The easiest way to celebrate ten years in the Latino Grammar of the 2018 era by her sencillo Dúo, a composition of Andrea Echeverri, who participated in the great alternative to alternate alternatives.

The videoclip of the song, alternating the imagery of the artists with animations, is the result of the work of musical compositions with Rafael Pérez's creative and creative creations, especially as Rafatoon.

"From the soundness of the message, we have presented a proposition in white and black, contingent on the historians, alternating with real-world descriptions of the corolla", explains the idea of ​​the composition that retrieved the romantic relationship that took place at that time él y Andrea Echeverri.

This Saturday, November 24th, and partly 7 p. m., Aterziopelados participarán en 'Lucis', a musical artistic work in the Bolivar plaza forming part of the festival Ni con el Pétalo de una Rosa y que lidera la actriz Alejandra Borrero. Con este show is conmerting to anticipate the International Day of Violence against the Mujer, which is celebrated on the 25th of November.

"This time we have been able to find out more about our broadcasts more about relaciones, despatches and romances; ahora, les damos cabida a temas como causas ecológicas o las luchas de las mujeres. This is a very exciting presentation with humor and using our poetry (…) It's a great way to get it out of the crowd, in the casino's casinos. Conectamos con la gente porque entiende la manera en las decimos las cosas ", concluye Buitrago.

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