Sunday , January 23 2022

Applications that famous people use to edit Instagram stories


This application was very popular because of the variety offered when editing photos for the Instagram story.

after Instagram Adding a story option to upload a 24-hour picture has revolutionized your network. According to data shared by the company last year, more than 300 million active users were added.

But you can always innovate in new ways. In this case, an application that can hear the story has appeared. Instagram Original and minimalist. that is Expand We already have over 11 million users. Its growth rate is up to 100.00 downloads per day. According to application authors Alfonso Cobo and Andy McCune, he has already secured $ 2.3 million by the end of the year. All of this was achieved in just 10 months.

what Expand It provides different templates to the user so that they can edit their pictures for different network stories. Templates are very flexible and you can resize your photos. It also includes the ability to copy and paste text from other fonts and from outside the application.

This app is available on mobile phones and other Android and Apple devices. When opened Expand Provides the option to take pictures, take pictures, or edit reel photos directly. All editing options are in submenus and are very simple. When you're done, you can use the preview option to see what the image looks like.

The app was furious when some Hollywood celebrities started using it. One of the most emblematic examples is Selena Gómez. Instagram In the world, Camila Cabello used Camila Cabello to promote his latest trip.

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