Monday , October 25 2021

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Eight applications for Android that nearly $ 2 billion download, users of used to make advertisement fraud, according to a research by Kochava, an application analysis company.

In # List of identified apps Sine Master, CM File Manager, CM Launcher 3D, Security Master, Battery Doctor, CM Locker, Cheetah Keyboard and Kika Keyboard. Some of them, like Clean Master, use to leave space, and Kika keyboard, an Android keyboard that sends a wide range of emoji, is one of the most popular in & the Google Play Store.

According to the report, published by BuzzFeed News, the first seven applications were developed by Cheetah Mobile, a Chinese company called New York Stock Exchange and last year was charged with fraudulent business support. Kika KeyBoard, on the other hand, is owned by Kika Tech, a Chinese-based company based on Silicon Valley. According to the report Both companies have more than 700 million active users in their monthly mobile applications.

The report shows that the companies have developed a scheme of advertisement fraud that they have the privilege of accessing these users to monitor the behavior of users in other Android applications.
The problem is that they have probably offered the merit for downloading other apps to load a commission. According to the research, the application developers are paying a fee to the partners who help to promote new installations of their applications. These companies followed when users upload new applications (To access the access permissions to access or view other applications downloaded) and use these data to handle credit incidents.

Both developments have denied the directions. In a statement by BuzzFeed News, Cheetah Mobile has stated, "Ad platforms and independent arbitrage partners are working to determine the allocation of settings for settings, and we are not part of that process when we have more information."

In her last fortnight winning Cheetah has spent $ 196 million in remuneration of public products and related services.

Another report by BuzzFeed News, published in October, showed that more than 125 Android apps were operated under a massive fraud scheme to generate traffic and spend money on advertising. Google described that $ 10 million was obtained by this scheme.


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