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Adiós a 'Papi Quiero Piña', aged 45 years of history | Bucaramanga

The historic history of this site is the place where it was written. It is located at one of the most influential infrastructural influences that holds the municipally in 2019.

Simply, it's the grace of Gustavo Pinilla Díaz, a noble nursery camp in San Vicente de Cuchurí, which extends beyond the legacy of the decades' decade. Cientos de personas fueron bienvenidas y despedidas en este negocio, que te beneficiado con mais 30 familias. Además convinced a point of reference for the metropolitan area and Santander.

The most important thing is that it was graciously located in that area, which was a solo of the perversion, Pinilla Díaz, along with Mariela Orejarena, who was adulterated to 11 children, since they had regained 36 victories and 32 bucks .

The final placement of the place is not over yet. By this, Gustavo went to the zone, and then he welcomed the alcoholic by Héctor Guillermo Mantilla Rueda, who sought to entrust the order of José Elias Puyana.

Instantly, the different emotions are conjugabans, salaries and flags of the promises that the Pinilla family has hope to do with the Floridablanca military.

One of the most important quizzes is that it enters one in three locales, which looks at contemplating the end of the amplification and optimization of the PQP intercom.

"Esperamos, said that his father was hailed by the Alcalde of Floridablanca, who in recent years has been nailed to the 'Papi Quiero Piña model 2020'. Creemos who have been absurd to exist the interviewees, despairing the allegiance that the parador, "said Gustavo Pinilla Orejarena, the son of Gustavo.

Precisamente el Alcalde aseguró que el dormitoro de redondas del intercambiador se levantarán unas casetas para las funcions allí fuentes de soda o fruterías. "We have been compromising with the fact that they will have to buy their number and sea one of the arrivals of one of these locales."

The informal weather forecasters are the most important of the worst with the cirque and demolition of the casts because of the difficulties of their labor. Basically, the terminals have been disassociated and have different types of products and servos that serve the sustenance for more than 40 people.

Rafael López


"A vendedores ni siquiera nos voltearon a mirar. For many years now, we have many casades and have many difficult times for the future of our family. "

Germán Reyes


"The people who live up to 20 years have been working in this area and the Municipal Administration have no record of their use."

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