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According to Quijano, the water supply will define the expansion of the Panama Canal


"If there is no water, let's forget the fourth set of locks." Panama Canal; "It makes sense." Plug in bridge "The trimming of the third set of interlocks for locks requires a lot of fabric. " Spanish SacyrThe road manager said. Jorge Luis Quizano.

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So without hesitation he summarized. Quijano Acan-Efe increased the tonnage growth rate of "9.5 percent", ie 403.8 tonnes in 2017 to about 442 million tonnes, in view of the major problems of the waterways completed on 30 September 2018 .
In 2018, a plan to move 423.4 million tons was announced.

The jump in sales was "almost 5%", which means that the budget of $ 337.5 million in 2018 will expand practically to $ 319.37 million.

"We still do not know what the final donation will be, but the board will decide at the December meeting, but there will be more and more than last year," he said.

In 2017, contributions were $ 1.65 billion ($ 1.593 billion on a budget) and the budget for 2018 is already estimated to increase to $ 1,659.2 million.

By 2025 the configuration of the fourth lock was considered,

Quijano This success was partly due to "avoiding tariff cuts through advanced sales" United States of America In his commercial war China

Although the fourth set of locks was considered for construction until 2025, Quijano even announced a team to study the "demand" of the market in September 2016, but in 2014 China Harbor Engineering Company (CHEC) expressed interest in this work.

"The fourth lock is largely up to the factor: if it's water, you will have to keep in mind the fourth lock, but you have to adjust how this demand will occur," he said now.

The most important thing in the '90s was today's container ship, where grain transport was an oil tanker, but took second place when adding oil tankers to oil and gas products. All of the oil is more than the bulk carriers. "

The third set of locks reflects the size of the ship, which focuses on "container carriers, and has the capacity to adapt to the size of the liquefied natural gas, that is, the infrastructure, and the business model has been provided to us. ability. "

9 years for expansion

"We did not build our infrastructure one day, it took nine years to expand, it's not the same every three months or four months," he said, creating a chip, which would take another eight years to build a new lock.

Proposed opening ceremony Bridge plug, The only land area Pan American Highway It is suspended from its path. Alaska up Tierra del Fuego"It makes sense," he said.

On the border with the plug Columbia, "Spread of disease, drug trafficking, migration Irregular, so before "before" you need to "plan" to avoid these abnormalities and take care of the look Environment

Opening of Darien Gap

"You are a great producer (Columbia) There is a great potential because our channel can be used as an export point rather than a harbor. "However," there are commercial barriers that need to be addressed at this time. Columbia We use it and Colombia does not give us that opportunity. "
"From a strictly commercial standpoint, it creates all the senses of the world."

According to arbitration, Spanish Sacyr, Headed by a consortium building a third set of locks for $ 5.673 billion, Quijano "I do not think I do not know anything new," he said until the end of the year.

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"If we advance one of the mediations, we will still have to mediate in January as soon as we know something. MiamiIt is the exact date we do not yet have, but the results will not be seen because the arbitration is complicated at least 8-10 months before the judges decide the problem. "

"We are well prepared for this and hope to succeed," he said.

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