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A duke who arrived in France to talk about economic relations with the Communist Venezuela


The president recently mentioned ELN's attacks at Cesar and Norte de Santander, warning that each offender is far from the possibility of a peaceful dialogue with the government.

President Ivan Duque arrived at Orly airport in Paris on Sunday.SIG

President Ivan Duque said that when he arrived in the French capital, he would have a very important meeting on the relationship between Colombia and the international community for three days of diplomatic affairs. Because we hold meetings with representatives of businessmen, governments and multilateral organizations to not only expose our national experience to the peace process, but also strengthen commercial ties and attract investors to strengthen the national economy.

This is Duke's agenda in France.

"This is a very important visit, above all, because we are accompanied by President Marcon in this historic event celebrating the armistice process 100 years ago," he said, referring to the mechanism of cooperation for the unification of world peace and world peace based on multilateralism. The process of reflection. It is an opportunity to talk about the experience of peace in Colombia and reaffirm that the peace in Colombia should be based on principles of truth, justice, effective justice, material, moral and economic compensation, and unlimited defense of the victims. , And non-repeating. Talk about the importance of the law's peace rules, "he explained.

Duke said he wants to stress the need for the international community to understand the seriousness of the mass migration of Venezuelans. According to the President of Colombia, all international attention and cooperation is required. "What is happening is due to the destruction of the dictatorship," he said. Similarly, Duque noted that there will be a three-day tough diplomatic agenda, including visiting the OECD's UNESCO and meeting with French investors in Colombia and the international coordinator of the French state.

This was Duke's speech at the United Nations.

At the same time, President Duque made a comment on recent criminal activity in Cesar and Norte de Santander, and his work is guerrilla. "I am very clear with Eln. They insist on talking about peace while continuing the acts of terror and criminals. If ELN wants to talk about peace, we welcome you, but only if you release all the kidnapped people and commit crimes. Whenever Eln commits a crime, he goes far beyond the possibility of dialogue. If ELN continues to have such attacks on infrastructure, intimidation, and kidnapping, the only thing they will be able to do is attack and block all abilities before the state exercises their jurisdiction to gain their jurisdiction. Crime. "

Ante of the Eln and Norte de Santander pipeline

Finally The report informed the revolt that the country would maintain a strategy to stimulate personal withdrawal while public power is in place in areas that have historically controlled it.. "We will move away from the path of criminality by maintaining the motivation for personal dissolution of the organization, and we will be able to exercise the presence of a great being in the territory, and for the past few years they have been ministerial." In the end, He described the attack of a militant group that burned the car and attacked the Cano-Lion pipeline in Norte Santander as a "coward."

El takes a bus from Cesar.

He even mentioned to the Cuban authorities that he had asked the Cuban authorities to handle deportation and extradition of El Nino on the island without official authorization. "We have already made expressions through the High Commissioner for Peace and the Public Prosecutors' Office. People with a red circle of unauthorized Interpol should be handed over to the authorities. " Duque concluded in the last day by explicitly mentioning that the information that ELN 's Nicolás Rodríguez & # 39; Gabino & # 39; chairman is in Havana is widespread.

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